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Bs 19, the jab, the cabal, military and lawyers fighting for humanity

Published - June 25, 2021

McIntyre Report with Jamie McIntyre Episode 36 - Bs 19 fraud and how to win this war against the fraudsters

Published - May 17, 2021

India BS 19 Vaxx Is Forcible Genocide. Branson and Arnie Shame on You

Published - May 6, 2021

Global Health Organisation to release its report that Bs19 isn’t pandemic

Published - May 6, 2021

McIntyre Report with Jamie McIntyre Episode 34 - Margie and Jamie Interview Dave Onegs on All Things COVID and Ways To Secure Your Data

Published - April 29, 2021

McIntyre Report With Jamie McIntyre Episode 32 - Spars Pandemic 2025-28 Part 1

Published - 29/Apr/2021

McIntyre Report With Jamie McIntyre Episode 33 - Spars Pandemic 2025-28 Part 2

Published - 29/Apr/2021

Does anyone still believe Covid isnt a Politiciaed Birus?

Published - 28/Oct/2020

The Political Agenda behind the Corona Virus

Published - 21/Oct/2020


Published - 14/Oct/2020

Corrupt Politicians will be exposed over the falsified pandemic and the truth will be told, regardless of intimidation

Published - 7/Oct/2020

Why Melb protests were targeted by Police but Black Lives Matter protests weren’t, and what if they lock down all Australian States as planned

Published - 30/sep/2020


Published - 23/sep/2020

Fauci exposed in Senate Hearing

Published - 9/sep/2020

Let’s have a National Jab your politician with a new Covid vaccine day.

Published - 2/sep/2020

A video about the outrageous Police attack on a young teenage girl in Melbourne because she didn’t have a mask on

Published - 26/Aug/2020

ANR Founder Interview about my $1 million Coronavirus challenge to the Australian Media and Government to show independent proof they aren’t lying about the inflated Covid deaths.

Published - 19/Aug/2020

$1 million challenge that the media and Governments are lying to us

Published - 12/Aug/2020

My predictions of the Coronavirus impact on the economy and real estate

Published - 1/Aug/2020

Learn from those with a PhD in Results not just those with a PHD in Theory

Published - 1/Aug/2020

ANR Founder "I too was once a trusting Pro Vaxxer - Coronavirus"

Published - 29/July/2020

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