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8 Canadian Coastal Spots for a Summer Vacation


Looking for a new adventure this summer? Canada has dozens of quaint coastal towns to stop and see.

Nearly 15 percent of Canadians live within 10 kilometres of the coastline, according to Statistics Canada, with 3.2 million located near the Pacific Coast and 2.2 million on the Atlantic Coast. Those numbers have been growing over the past several years as more and more people fall in love with coastal living.
If you want to sample what it’s like to live by the ocean, here are eight must-see coastal towns in Canada.

Squamish, British Columbia

A unique spot where the Coast Mountain range and the waters of the Howe Sound meet, Squamish is built at the end of a fjord and is about an hour-and-a-half from the Vancouver International Airport. Dotted with unique stores and restaurants, the area still holds to its indigenous and settler roots. Visitors can find outdoor adventures on hikes, kayaking on the ocean water, or mountain biking for a more adrenaline-fuelled activity. Helicopter tours are available, or visit the Sea to Sky Gondola for a closer look at the mountains and ocean.

Tofino, British Columbia

The town of Tofino offers breathtaking views of the mountains, ocean, and forest all in one location. Nature plays a big part in the lives of both the locals and visitors to this small town.

From water adventures like surfing, fishing, kayaking, and swimming to cycling, golfing, hiking, and zip-lining, there is no shortage of ways to get active in the area. Tofino’s local arts and culture scene is also thriving with various events held throughout the year, including wine and dine events, local markets, and a summer jazz festival.

Churchill, Manitoba

A unique spot on the Canadian prairies, Churchill is located in a northern part of Manitoba that overlooks Hudson Bay. It’s considered the polar bear capital of the world and is also along the migration path for beluga whales. The area is so remote that you can only reach it by plane or train. An adventure in this northern coastal town is unlike any other, from dogsled rides to polar bear tours to historic trips of the Bay. The area is also ideal to view the Northern Lights 300 nights a year.

Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

Designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site, Lunenburg still has colourful original buildings from the 18th and 19th centuries that adds to the charm of this coastal town. Take a kayaking tour or hit the surf to enjoy this oceanfront spot. Explore the area with a walking tour, a hike or go cycling. For those looking for a higher adrenaline adventure, tidal bore rafting will put you in a Zodiac boat riding waves up to 4 metres tall in the Bay of Fundy. Ride the gondola through the mountains or take an ATV ride through the area. A trip to Lunenburg will be one to remember.

Shediac, New Brunswick

Boasting its reputation as the lobster capital of the world, Shediac Tourism says it has some of the warmest waters north of Virgina. The area also offers 12 kilometres of trails for hiking and biking, bay cruises, and the Quai Pointe-du-Chêne Wharf which draws in 300,000 visitors a year. Stop by Parlee Beach Provincial Park for a day of swimming, volleyball, ultimate frisbee, or just relaxing on the beach. Be sure to get a photo with the world’s largest lobster before you leave.

Rivière-du-Loup, Quebec

Located on the St. Lawrence River, fed by the Atlantic Ocean, this French-Canadian spot is a unique coastal destination that has culture and history combined. There are 10 kilometres of trails for hiking and exploration of nature and the Charlevoix mountains as well as quading tours for the more adventurous. On the water, visitors can take part in fishing, canoe tours, and swimming. Don’t forget to take in one of the spectacular sunsets at a local observation site.

Gaspé, Quebec

Listed by National Geographic as one of Canada’s best locations, Gaspe offers visitors an opportunity to enjoy four national parks, mountain summits towering 3,300 feet tall, lighthouses, historical sites, and more. From hiking, cruises, kayaking, sailing, scuba diving, and wildlife viewing, the area has something for everyone.

Cavendish, Prince Edward Island

Offering scenic views of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, Cavendish is a popular summer destination. The setting was the inspiration for Lucy Maud Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables story and is currently home to the Green Gables Heritage Place. Other activities include the beach, an 18-hole golf course, a 36-acre waterpark, a roller coaster, boardwalk shopping for unique gifts, a lookout with a panoramic view of the Gulf, and an adventure zone with laser tag, an escape room, and a haunted mansion.

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