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Wide-Scale Protests Continue Into the Weekend Across France, Calling for Macron’s Resignation

By Michael P Senger

Wide-scale protests continue into the weekend across France, calling for Macron’s resignation following his announcement that a digital health pass would be required in all “bars, restaurants, amusement parks, shopping centers, trains, coaches and planes.”


Here’s what others had to say: 

Grant Saggers
If there is one thing I love about the French its that protesting spirit! Well done the French, keep up the protests for your centuries earned FREEDOMS!!

Aspho Nox
LOL.. the fucking media articles said only 19000 people..
Just like the Berlin protests where there were anywhere between 500k-1.5M people – and MSM said 17000.

Sergio Cruz
How are the French organized? We have to learn from them.

Social network, registration, there were also political parties present during this demonstration.

The Resolutist
How Beautiful is the Resistance, My Sweet France !!

Sejuela60 Flag of Chile
Enough of SANITARY DICTATORSHIP in the whole world!
Long live freedom!

Then they go around asking please to be treated in hospitals.

UncleFunk Machinima Rocket
Nobody puts the French on the bench!

The Buff CEO
So the vaccine is not compulsory, but if you don’t take it you won’t be able to live a normal lifeThinking face

Hobbes Obodo
Makes me want to support some French animation studios.

Seems significant, wondering how many turned out? What % of the population.

Michael P Senger
Yeah these ones are so big the MSM can’t ignore them.

Sean Moore
I’m not so sure protests alone will change anything, but I guess it’s a start.

Colin Johnson
All governments desire communist control because government by its very definition is about control. This manufactured opportunity has given governments justification for usurping greater control The manufactured conspicuous fear is how they inveigle you to want to be controlled.

I noticed that Macron did not announce that a digital health pass would be required to pay taxes in France

Jack Stars
The french know how to protest! In before the yellow jackets!

john whiteway jnr
wow – look like the UK a good few months ago when rumours started to circulate that the CO-OPhad had received a dozen cartons of loo role….JW.


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