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Victorian Police stomp on the head of a mentally ill Victorian in an unprovoked attack leaving him fighting for his life


Victorian Police stomp on the head of a mentally ill Victorian in an unprovoked attack leaving him fighting for his life.

By Citizen Journalist Anthony Golle

Adult only language

If you have not seen the footage of the Victorian man with a mental illness being run down by a police vehicle and thrown into the air. Then 4 police scum hold him down while 1 excuse for a police monster stomps him in the back of the head while he is face down on his knees. Then you are not in touch with the darkness that is enveloping our society. And that is a problem.

The man had been seeking help at a hospital for a day and a half with no acceptance.

He is now in a coma!

If this does not disturb you – if you think this is ok – you are not part of the problem – you are the problem.

He was not armed and was driven into at speed to send him to the ground. He was no threat whilst being detained. What followed … regardless of whatever happened prior is unacceptable – even in a war zone.

Rules of engagement – Geneva convention – even if he had shot someone and was a POW … this would still not be lawful.

I will not show the footage. Seek it for yourself if you so choose. It is seriously fucked up.

The “State of emergency powers” that have turned Vicpol into a psychopathic force under Dans watch is the greatest disgrace this country has seen – second only to the treatment of this lands original people in my opinion.

I get that they are in a tough spot and their would be many acting in honour. But there have been repeated incidence over the past weeks that are only escalating and is a reflection of the entire police.

What choice do you leave us as Australians. Yes, we have rights. The right to freedom of movement – The right to freedom of association – The right to protest – amongst 20 others in the Victorian charter of human rights.

But what does it matter when we are unarmed – have no support and against a UN corporate militia. They are no longer the police who serve the people by keeping the peace.

They are an armed police force with semi-automatic weapons dressing in riot gear to peaceful protests. Yes all “fines” and “arrests” are not lawful and will be thrown out in court if they ever make it there.

But meantime – when bureaucrats are keeping the people in the dark – not releasing any evidence for which supports their decisions based in science and logic – there is going to be unrest.

When Dan can fly his family into QLD unquestioned. When Tom Hanks can have resort like quarantine and AFL players can flock to QLD while families are denied to say goodbye to family on their deathbed. The obvious double standards. The inequality.

You have one mega shit storm on your hands. My message through this entire experience has been 1. Here is the remedy according to your rights under the grave abuse of power and 2. Let’s empower our emotions and keep focus us on what we can control.

But this last episode of shit fuckery I have gotta say I am at my tether.

We teach our kids – it’s not what you do … it’s what you do after what you do.

They have fucked up – that’s evident no matter which way you look at it. What the fake authorities do next will determine the future of this country.

Black lives matter 100%

How about this fellow aussies life ???


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