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Victorian Police brutally attack Aboriginal man on his way to work this morning in Melbourne


Victorian Police brutally attack Aboriginal man on his way to work this morning in Melbourne.

By Judy O’Donnell

(Korey Penny) was riding his bicycle to work which is on the Melbourne underground tunnel project and was set upon by a group of police officers whom racially profiled him in a mistaken identity but caused him bodily harm where he sustained a serious injury to his arm, Korey is a Noongar man from WA and had been contracted in the Melbourne tunnel project as he is one of only 6 Australians that can operate the TBM multi-million dollar imported (Tunnel Boring Machine) Korey is the first Aboriginal Australian to operate this machine that digs the underground Tunnel’s luckily Supervisors from the Tunnel Project saw what had happened and came to Korey’s aid telling the police that he was an employee of their company but unfortunately, the damage was already done by this time Korey was taken from the scene in an ambulance to the hospital for his injuries during the violent and brutal attack, the unions legal representative is aiding Korey and is launching an investigation with this incident of one of their employee’s.


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