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Victorian citizen arrested for peacefully protesting in Melbourne shares his experience and how he is prevented from using social media even


Victorian citizen arrested for peacefully protesting in Melbourne shares his experience and how he is prevented from using social media even.

By Staff Reporter

We currently have a Supreme Court hearing scheduled for the 7-8th December, regarding our implied right for political communication and assembly. I am a Plaintiff and Brett Sutton is the Defendant

Currently, I am on strict bail conditions which prevent me from using social media, or to be within the vicinity of Parliament and the Shrine in Victoria. This is due to an accusation that I incited people to protest against CHO directives in Victoria. Based on this, I was arrested with my seven year old son for not wearing a mask on Friday, even thou I had a medical exemption. See link:

My concerns stem from the unlawful enactment of the Emergency Power Laws to limit our constitutional rights.

As a concerned citizen, I have been unable to engage in meaningful dialogue with relevant Government Officials. I have contacted Senior Police Officers, ASIO, and serving politicians, but to no avail.

My research suggests that Dan Andrews and the ALP, are aligned with foreign agencies aimed at bringing us into alignment with a Global Regulatory Framework, which uses digital tracking/ID, digital currency and regulatory powers, drafted under Emergency Laws, to implement their agenda.

The Andrews Government has secured finance from the CCP and IMF to finance infrastructure projects until 2026, which appeases the140,000 members of the CFMEU to remain loyal to the ALP. On the flip side, the ALP is actively exploring the notion of universal income and a permanent welfare state, so to secure the 51% required to retain power. Currently, over 50% of all Victorians are receiving some type of Government Financial Assistance. This is key for the ALP to retain power.

The fraudulent use of Emergency Powers enabled the ALP to implement their draconian technocracy, all the while, pinning liability on the Chief Health Officer.

Who oversees the use of Emergency Powers? How can it be challenged?

What if the Emergency Powers Laws are being used as a means to enact a foreign agenda? How do citizens voice concern if we are unable to protest?

The question then arises, why did Andrews take such a heavy-handed approach?

Why is the Andrews ALP being advised by (, which aims to limit right wing dissent via the Strong Cities Network?

Also, Risk Logic seems to be instrumental in the development of the Resilient Cities Program and Covid19 responses.

Why is a Rockefeller Foundation agenda being rolled out thru the Resilient Cities initiative, Co-funded by Rockefeller and the Victorian Government?

Is foreign sponsorship of domestic political policies legal?

Dan Andrews is openly aligned with the totalitarian CCP regime, as can be seen in his statement below published in the ‘Victorian China Strategy Report’ published in April 2016.

“On behalf of the Victorian Government, I am so proud to hand down our new China Strategy. Ours is a powerful partnership. And it will only get stronger from here.”

– The Hon Daniel Andrews MP Premier of Victoria

Have not the actions and partnerships of the Andrews Government put the constitution into disrepute?

Could this be argued as a form of sedition?

Are these issues under investigation from Australia’s intelligence agencies?

nb. This letter was sent to numerous MSM outlets, Politicans, and Government Agencies. I am still yet to get a response.

Written by Tony Pecora

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