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Victoria is now under the rule of a Global Privatised Police force


Victoria is now under the rule of a Global Privatised Police force.

By Staff Reporter

Citizen Journalist

Victorians you’re been completely sold out by your Premier.

The new world order has arrived In Melbourne.

Victorians should flee their state before it gets worse.

This also explains the new black uniforms and vehicles of the police.

These articles are a few years old. Just wondering what #DictatorDan had been up too while we were in lockdown, so I’ve been doing more research and happened to come across this. I have previously described this opportunity, at the moment, as a politician’s wet dream come true.

Found this in the comments on a post and checked it out. Anyone else who knows anything about this or can add more info to it, please do so in the comments.

“You need to understand that you now have a UN global police force in Victoria, this was aligned with Victoria becoming a part of the ‘Strong Cities’ global network which is seeking to bring about Agenda 2030. Victoria is the only Australian state that has signed to this agreement.”

Check out the list of member cities in Australia.

Edit: lots of information added to the bottom of the original post. Please read additional information in the comments and add any new relevant info there.

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