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Trump wins this election, legally!!!


Trump wins this election, legally!!!

By Staff Reporter

Anyone who thinks this election is over, truly is misinformed & does not understand how the system works.

December 11th is when the legislators must certify the vote count, which doesn’t appear can legally happen with the amount of evidence & abnormalities coming forward. If for any reason, which is highly possible still, that they do certify the votes, it then gets appealed to the high courts before January 20th as I’ve stated prior, & SCOTUS will judge on illegal votes to be removed.

Big tech & the MSM social justice warriors are censoring the facts & truth. Just like covid, like climate change & especially in this election result.

Don’t think it matters? Well let me tell you this matters more than anything to the majority of the free world. If we let these tyrant mob continue to profit from their control & Marxist policies, our rights & freedoms will almost vanish, I think we all agree communism is not a way of living, ask anyone who comes from such a country.

Rest assured, quicker than you can blink, our way of living changes far more dramatically than it already has, this is just one trial to their ideas.

Good news, if you’re following the actual events taking place, there is endless evidence, that even for the common person to watch, listens & understand is so obviously fraudulent, that you would have to be an idiot to attempt to defend.

SCOTUS judges will not allow the electorates to certify fraudulent votes, or they overturn any illegal counts that do go through.

This goes to the count in the senate & the republicans hold the majority & Trump, legally remains president of the USA.

Who knows the repercussions of these crying, sooks & brainwashed progressive socialists after that, but it’s clear from the vote counts. The silent majority has spoken, & they are tired of it.

Big Tech & the MSM are lying more than ever to push this agenda, open your minds, use logic & critical thinking. They don’t even hide it anymore. Anyone who doesn’t agree is censored or cancelled or labeled some sort of conspiracy theorist.

Well, stay tuned, it’s clear as day!!!

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