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The Vladimir Putin Interview

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Top Sydney Lawyer Calls for Urgent Overhaul of BS-19 Policies


Top Sydney Lawyer Calls for Urgent Overhaul of BS-19 Policies


Tony Nikolic is a Lawyer and Criminologist with a significant background in criminal law, family law, commercial law and Human Rights.

Tony has written a letter to the Health Minister of NSW and other state and Federal parliamentarians of his concerns about the prolonged suspension of rights and movements of Australian citizens during this pandemic. As there are currently serious concerns about the safety of vaccines, he has requested that all orders relating to mandates of any kind in Australia cease and the Government desist from recruiting businesses to act as proxies to roll out vaccines by the use of coercive industrial relations sanctions.

He has also invited the Premier’s office and Minister for Health to provide evidence justifying the lockdowns and need to vaccinate healthy people.

Asia Pacific Today. 16 July, 2021

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Here’s what others had to say:

All roads lead to Switzerland, Klaus Schwab and co. Depopulation agenda. Dr Ruby revealed a Spanish report that Pzer and AZ are 99% graphine oxide. The Stew Peters show on Rumble is the source to view this.

Yes, totally agree… Not to mention his cohorts! Will check out Stew Peter’s Show! THANKS

It’s really encouraging to hear that police, in particular, are pushing back and asking questions.
The last couple of years have really changed my opinion of lawyers for the better.
Great interview Mike!

Spain’s highest court has ruled the lockdown’s unconstitutional!
where is our high court in all of this?

Refreshing to hear truths, my family have known this all along this crooked path. My 3 adult children whom have worked hard and sacrificed a great deal to accomplish their choice of careers have now being told they must have the inoculation or be removed from their position. Coercion to the max.

Tony is great and one of only a few people standing up for Australians.
Things have taken a severe turn for the worst when scumo came back from the G7. Any dope can see that.
What’s depressing is that they are all compromised and we know that but even in a court of law they’d get away with it as most of the judges are also compromised/corrupt.

It is indeed. Everything that we knew about the world 18 months ago most likely remain just a memory. I think this saying by a real hero Alan Turing (look him up) says it all. “This is only a foretaste of what is to come, and only the shadow of what is going to be”. Mike

I prefer to think communism (NWO) is inside the gate. We still have an opportunity to change all of this but we must do it now, together. Some countries in Europe, the UK and some states in the US are already doing this.

I hear much talk about the dangers of this injection; I wish to make a point that even if this injection were simply a sugar pill, it should never be mandated. PPE yes, but nothing that goes into one’s body should ever be forced/coerced. Many people can tolerate nuts, but a small percentage cannot; so if there was a medication that contained extracts from nuts and was mandated, would it still be ok to force everyone to take it?

The good people at have a copy of Tony’s letter which you can download.

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