The Only ‘World Order’

The Only ‘World Order’

By Chris Rossini

Whenever you hear the words “New Economy,” or “New Deal,” or even the most outrageous “New World Order,” realize right away that you’re in the presence of snake oil salesmen. Collectivist ideas always masquerade behind ridiculous slogans.

Let’s think about what actually exists. When you shut off all the outside collectivist propaganda that is fired at you from every angle, you’re left with actually reality: Your very own individual life.

Despite all the propaganda saying otherwise, no one else can live it for you. It’s yours alone.

You decide what to think … what to believe … what you want … what choices to make … what things mean to you … what you place value on.

Outside circumstances will then reflect back the results of this personalized amalgamation.

No one else can “order” this for you.

It works both ways. You can’t “order” anyone else’s life for them, either.

They will think differently, believe different things, interpret our world in their own way, make different choices, and value whatever they want to value.

That’s what Liberty means. We are all individuals with liberty to “order” our own lives.

There has always be just one “government,” so to speak — the truth.

The truth is neutral, impartial and unbiased. Nothing that is false can ever overturn or overpower what is true. There can be no “regime-change” or “coup” on the truth. It’s the only ‘World Order,’ so to speak.

So when you hear the words “New World Order,” it’s OK to giggle to yourself. There can be no such thing.

However, while “New World Order” collectivists attract enough believers and attempt to “order” human life to their imaginations, things get really weird:

Up is Down.

War is Peace.

Freedom is Slavery.

It’s all a waste. For if there’s one thing that history should have taught us by now, it’s that empires come and go — collectivists come and go — social engineers come and go — technocrats come and go.

But, the individual always remains.

Liberty always remains.

The truth always remains.

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