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The one question, overdue for a response on Australia Day is why do we listen to minorities?


The one question, overdue for a response on Australia Day is why do we listen to minorities?

By Alan Jones

The one question, overdue for a response on Australia Day is why do we listen to minorities?

Of course, they are entitled to their view; but the shrillness of the anti-Australia Day crowd does not give endorsement to their validity.

And as for the nonsense about Margaret Court, the awards are given for what people have done, not for what they think.

With an unparalleled record as a tennis player in achievement, and exemplary behaviour, her win/loss performance in all Grand Slam singles tournaments was 90.12%.

She is the only tennis player in history to complete a multiple Grand Slam set, that is, all the Singles, Women’s Doubles and Mixed Doubles of the Australian, French, Wimbledon and US Championships in one year; but she won the lot twice.

The International Tennis Hall of Fame states, “For sheer strength of performance and accomplishment, there has never been a tennis player to match her.”

Beyond that, in 1991, she became a Christian Minister, establishing the Margaret Court Community Outreach.

Independently of the views, the gender, the politics, the sexuality of those she serves with food and clothing, Margaret Court’s Community Outreach seeks to provide life skills to people to give them hope for a future.

In that capacity, in one year, Margaret Court Community Outreach served over 30,000 people, 1.8 million kilos of food was distributed, 192,000 meals have been served and the value of the food distributed approximates $3 million.

Ask a simple question, what have her critics done?

Daniel Andrews, through political negligence and the bungling of the quarantine program in Victoria saw 800 people die, while Margaret Court saves lives.
And as for Cricket Australia rejecting Australia Day and calling it Celebrate Nothing Day.

This, we are told, is the work of Cricket Australia’s diversity and inclusion manager.

Where do these people come from?

Cricket Australia has a First Nation’s Advisory Committee which says, “We are respectful of everyone and their opinions.”

It is just that in making the decision they didn’t ask for the opinion of Australians.

But they are now “happy to talk” about rebranding the Australia Day Cricket matches, except they have already made the decision.

The opinions of mugs like us, who pay through the turnstiles, count for nothing.

These people can bellow their views; but Margaret Court is not entitled to hers.

To prove that this is all empty symbolism and the meaningless meanderings of minorities, why does woke Cricket Australia play cricket against countries with appalling human rights records where minorities are persecuted?

And if the ABC want to refer this splendid day of celebration as Invasion Day, why don’t all their acolytes lead by example – burn down the houses and all the possessions that they have acquired from the “invaders.”

Our political leaders have to start putting the extremist left and their hatred of Australia in its place.

Remember, not one of these whingers and whiners will lift a hand to address the clear evidence of assault, child abuse and violence amongst indigenous Australians at the hands of their own people.

To say nothing of the $30 billion in aid to indigenous Australians, many of whom wonder where the money goes.

No one should feel guilty for feeling joyous and celebrating the country we love.

As Jacinta Price has said, “The future is ours to make the best of and this will be done only if we do it together.”

The minority is entitled to speak; but we don’t have to yield to their dictates.

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