The ‘Mistake-Machine’ That Bankrupted America

The ‘Mistake-Machine’ That Bankrupted America
In 1967, LBJ said,“What happens in Vietnam is extremely important to the nation’s freedom and it is extremely important to the United States’ security.”

It wasn’t.

What happened in Vietnam had nothing to do with security in America. Just as what happened in Korea, and Iraq, and Afghanistan, and Serbia, and Syria, and Libya, and Venezuela, and Cuba, and now Iran.

Yet the same exact script is used.

They most likely assume that if the propaganda works, just keep using it.

In 1968, the great libertarian Murray Rothbard wrote:

“A lot of people throughout the country are beginning to realize that getting into the Vietnam war was a disastrous mistake. In fact, hardly anyone makes so bold as to justify America’s entrance into, and generation of, that perpetual war. And so the last line of defense for the war’s proponents is: Well, maybe it was a mistake to get into the war, but now that we’re there, we’re committed, so we have to carry on.

​A curious argument. Usually, in life, if we find out that a course of action has been a mistake, we abandon that course and try something else. This is supposed to be the time-honored principle of ‘trial and error.’ Or if a business project or investment turns out to be an unprofitable venture, we abandon it and try investing elsewhere. Only in the Vietnam war do we suddenly find that, having launched a disaster, we are stuck with it forevermore and must continue to pour in blood and treasure until eternity.”

Today, it’s common knowledge that the Iraq invasion was a “mistake” and the destruction of Libya was a “mistake.”

But are these really “mistakes” in the eyes of the people perpetrating them?

Apparently not, because they keep doing the same thing without the slightest pause.

The talking points from Vietnam, that once the “mistake” is made you have to keep throwing money and lives at it is still standard procedure today.

President Trump has continued a cornucopia of “mistakes” and even brags about how he has transferred more taxpayer money to the “mistake”-machine than any other president before him!

The “mistake”-machine consumes well over $1 TRILLION per year.

This is what has bankrupted America. This is why America runs on fumes.

The Soviets ran on fumes too.

​You can run on fumes for a little while.

And then you can’t.

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