The ideas the Greens are not responsible for the locking up of National parks

The ideas the Greens are not responsible for the locking up of National parks

The ideas the Greens are not responsible for the locking up of National parks and mismanagement of the large fuel build up that’s made these fires so much more deadly and destructive is a joke.
At least have the decency as a party to
1. Apologise and admit you were wrong
2. Pay compensation
3 Get of your arse and get to the front line and try and stop what you caused.
4. Stop trying to mislead the masses on social media that the Greens couldn’t possibly be to blame as they have never been in Govt ( despite getting their policies enacted by forcing labor to support them)
5. Pushing fake news it’s cuts to the RFS causing the issue when no it’s Green polices that have prevented proper fuel load reduction and more and more Green Tape.

6 simply stop lying and being so desperate but then again the entire Greens existence could be over if to many people find out where the majority of the blame should go.

But no

They’ll continue to lie to cover their tracks and spread more propaganda which they are now on social media that “ the greens haven’t been in power so how could we be to blame for the “ Green Tape “

What a joke.
It’s Greens policies passed by the Greens dictating to Labor do as we say or you won’t have a support and won’t form Govt

Anyone that thinks that “ that extreme Green policies and Green Tape “ is not because of the Greens Party then

I have a Global Warming Scam to sell you to

The masters of propaganda are the extreme greens and the extreme left.

Socialism alive and well and once again let’s look just how destructive their moronic policies have been
Don’t let them benifit from the destruction they have contributed to but have them apologise and be held once to account before the public moves on from what’s going on.
Myself and others have been warning for 20 years this would one day happen due to these stupid policies locking up Forests and National Parks and not having proper fuel management that this would happen

Even 6 months ago in the middle of Winter I showed my partner near Glen Innes

See all these Mountain ranges back towards my family farms between Grafton and Glen Innes.
Wait to summer

They have been locked up for decades
Fuel loads are so high
Once a fire starts in here no one will stop it just like they won’t around the country
We have been warning about this for decades and no one is listening to the impending disaster

And I also said

The people that created these dangerous and destructive policies will use the impending bushfires to make out its Climate Change as they are opportunitist and will try and profit from the death and destruction they cause.
The first two people to die from the bushfires died only 4 months later in the very mountain range I was showing my partner with fires raging for months.

What’s happened is very predictable and and should be no surprise to anyone.

Just don’t be fooled by the noisy opportunistic minority that are now desperate to deflect that they aren’t responsible and so eager to blame it on “ Climate Change “ to exploit more gullible people and line their pockets even more.

It’s time they were held to account as one thing I can’t stand is liars and bullshit.

The leaders of the Greens Party should resign in disgrace .
Most of us care for the environment and that’s why we should be appalled at what they have done to it with policies that were always going to lead to such death and destruction which never ever had to be this way.

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