The “Democratic” Socialist Fantasy of “Getting Money Out of Politics”

The “Democratic” Socialist Fantasy of “Getting Money Out of Politics”

By Chris Rossini

“Democratic” Socialists are expert at exploiting people with their “something for nothing” promises. But they also perpetuate the fraud of “getting money  out of politics,” which is ironic considering Socialist champions always seem to be the richest people on the block.

But let’s discuss the fictional “money out of politics” argument. This stems from the same false belief that government can abolish things just by passing laws … like getting rid drugs, or guns. Of course, they can write as many laws as they’d like, but drugs and guns aren’t going anywhere.

We’re supposed to believe that politicians will write laws to “get money out of politics”? … Really? … They’re going to cut their own gravy train?

The first issue is that the problem is misdiagnosed. The problem is not the money, but the power that politicians wield.

If you think government is supposed to micromanage what is bought and what is sold, then the first thing that is going to be bought and sold is the politician himself!

The politicians are now up for grabs to the highest bidders.

Let’s say you’re a big corporation that makes mobile phones. Do you want the “Democratic Socialist” politician to propagate to the “the people” that they have a “right” to mobile phones? That basic human “decency” demands everyone to have a phone?

Then you better pay up.

That’s some serious power the politician wields. The politician is going to make you rich as you make phones for everyone.  You better offer something sweet for the politician in return.

It doesn’t have to be money. It could be a cushy job when the politician leaves office. Maybe set him up with a nice villa in the Caribbean. Whatever.

Healthcare? … College? … FREE … FREE … FREE?

You better pay up if you want to get rich providing all this “FREE” stuff.

“Democratic” Socialism is not about getting money *out* of politics. If anything, it’s about getting more money *in*!

The problem of “money in politics” is the political power itself.

If there’s a politician with unconstitutional power, there will be a line of special interests ready to line the politician’s pockets.

The way to lessen (not “eliminate” — since that would be impossible) money in politics, is to strip politicians of all the powers that they shouldn’t have in the first place (which is about 95% of them).

Then there will be nothing for special interests to buy.

Special interests avoided former Congressman Ron Paul like the plague.

Why do you think that was?

Why didn’t they shower money on Ron Paul?

Because he followed the U.S. Constitution. There was nothing for them to buy.

“Democratic” Socialists are exploiters.

Don’t let them exploit you.

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