The Battle Over Life, Liberty and Property

The Battle Over Life, Liberty and Property

By Chris Rossini

You have a right to your life, your liberty, and the fruits of your labor. In short, as John Locke said — life, liberty, and property.

But there’s a problem.

There are always other people who want to take these things from you.

Their primary vehicle to do the taking? Government.

Their primary tool to convince you that they should take them? Propaganda.

The purpose of propaganda is to separate you from your life, liberty, and property. Propagandists want you to raise the white flag or throw in the towel. They seek to mentally beat you into submission.

Give it up! ………. To them.

Your money … your privacy … your liberty … your property … and maybe even your life … Give it up.

In years past, a popular tactic was in saying that it was God’s will for you to surrender your life, liberty or property to the authorities. The monarch was divinely ordained and it was your duty to submit to his will.

In modern times, that angle isn’t used so much anymore …. at least not in Western civilization.

With the major accomplishment of the separation of Church and State, theocracies are no longer acceptable.

But governments are slick.

They now trot out “professors,” “technocrats,” “experts,” and “scientists” to convince you, that in the name of science, you must give up your life, liberty and property.

You care about the world, right? ….. The environment?

Well, the “experts” have spoken….and guess what?

You have to surrender your life, liberty and property. By doing so, you will save the world.

Pretty slick, huh?

Finally, there’s the ancient propaganda that almost never fails: The foreign boogeyman. Give up your life, liberty and property, and the boogeyman won’t get you. He’ll leave you alone. Just give it up.

This is the battle. This is the long march of freedom … jumping over one hurdle, only to have another hurdle to jump over.

Governments are slick. They’ll bob and weave in order to get you to give it up.

Don’t give it up.

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