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That Time Rapper Pitbull Exposed Bill Gates and People Went Back To Sleep


That Time Rapper Pitbull Exposed Bill Gates and People Went Back To Sleep

By El DeBarge Jr.

Here’s what others had to say:

Rahul Dasree
Can someone summerize what he said please ?? I can’t understand his accent

Chavel Tito Ortiz
I never cared for him much or his music. But this caught my eye. He is telling 100 percent truth, every single bit of it!

Rat Keller
He mentions Event 2O1, it was subtitled a “Global Pandemic Exercise” however the O is a globe not a 0 , so in reality it’s Global Event 21. Which ties to Agenda 21.

Brian Mcghee
If anyone wants to know just start with the question of who put those words on the back of your dollar bill and u realize your in a freemason made society

Patrick Cardinal Russell
Same thing I keep telling people about the flu and everything else going on vacation. Very few people catching it though.

Adrian Sim
Even doh the devil runs this world God is still in control. What Pitbull is speaking about was said and written 1000s of ago. Even Bob Marley sang songs bout evil men intentions.

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