Stepping On The Accelerator To Default

Stepping On The Accelerator To Default

1989 – The Cold War comes to an end. The Warsaw Pact dissolves. Socialism was nothing more than a starvation philosophy with a good PR department. Socialist governments around the world racked up deaths totaling hundreds of millions, and it all came crashing down.

Did the U.S. demobilize, bring the troops home, close down NATO, and let freedom ring?


NATO was expanded, military adventures escalated with dreams of total U.S. world hegemony and the U.S. military-industrial-complex became the biggest Socialist program to ever exist on Earth!

How’s that for irony.

The year 2000 comes along and the dot-com stock market bubble bursts. Are the mal-investments created by the Federal Reserve unwound? Are the markets freed to clear out the waste? Are the debts liquidated?


The Fed runs the printing presses and creates a housing mania that dwarfs the stock market bubble in size. All rationality is tossed aside and house-flipping becomes all the rage.


The housing bubble bursts and takes down a handful of major financial institutions with it. But are the mal-investments unwound and liquidated? Are the markets freed to clear out all the waste? Are all the bad debts liquidated?

No way!

The Fed, under a euphemism known as QE, pumps trillions, and Trillions and TRILLIONS of dollars, creating the biggest bubble of them all. This bubble is then re-branded as the “greatest economy ever”!

The greatest economy ever!

Government ‘guaranteed’ well over a trillion dollars in student loans to make college “accessible,” only to drown students in debt, while concomitantly driving UP the costs of college and driving DOWN the value of a college degree.

Lots of debt …. lots of degrees … lots of heartache and stress.

What’s the latest chatter? — Just make college free!

It’s not just the young who were bamboozled by government “help.” Older generations were were seduced by it as well.

Promises to seniors via Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid have reached unfathomable levels. The U.S. government’s UNFUNDED liabilities are estimated to be in the hundreds of trillions!

What’s the latest chatter? — Just make healthcare free for everyone!

​Free for everyone!

Budget deficits? — The largest ever, with government spending almost a trillion more than it takes in taxes.

Government’s debt? — The largest ever, with $22 trillion that can never, ever, be paid back.

No matter where one looks, government is stepping on the accelerator to bankruptcy and default.

What’s the antidote?….The cure?…The remedy?

It just sits patiently and waits.

​It has all the time in the world, and is in no rush…It’s timeless.

It’s never imposed by force, since force is its antithesis.

It just waits for people to seek after it, desire it and recognize it.

It’s invaluable and irreplaceable.

It goes by the name of Individual Liberty.

By Chris Rossini

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