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Should we stop giving Dan Andrews the Victorian Premier a hard time?


Should we stop giving Dan Andrews the Victorian Premier a hard time?

By Staff Reporter

Edited from Victorian citizen Jon Gian

Maybe not

Here are the facts. In Victoria.

2019 – June 4737 deaths.

2020 – June 3126 – deaths.

A massive 51% REDUCTION.

Guys a genius, numbers don’t lie he should be knighted !!!

Oh – only one small, little, tiny problem. History books show that last years was a normal year ( remember those ) no pandemic… oops !!!

Most people had jobs, paying their bills and economy was open for business, people could travel freely … etc etc …

I’m confused. Are you…?

It’s deaths That Dan keep talking about in press conference and how he’s not willing to sacrifice one more death.

And yet …

So why is there a 51 % reduction in the numbers of deaths in a year where we have had the worst pandemic in 100 years???

You’d think that Dan would be across these numbers … cause they off this Vic gov – website.


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