Ron Paul On Senator Rand Paul’s Reintroduction of Audit the Fed

Ron Paul On Senator Rand Paul’s Reintroduction of Audit the Fed

By Ron Paul

Rand continues to be the leading voice in the Senate for the cause of liberty, peace, and sound money.  Since the Fed’s creation, the value of the dollar has declined by over 90%, our economy has been plagued by a boom-and bust cycle with another major downturn on the horizon, and our system of free-markets and limited, constitutional government has been replaced with crony capitalism and a welfare-warfare state. Passing Audit the Fed is the first step toward changing this system.

Audit the Fed has been the signature issue of my Campaign for Liberty organization. Thanks to the efforts of Campaign for Liberty’s grassroots activists, Audit the Fed has gone from a fringe issue to the center of American politics, passing the House of Representatives twice by overwhelming majorities and coming within seven votes of breaking Harry Reid’s filibuster in 2016. Campaign for Liberty will continue to stand with Rand, Representative Thomas Massie, and the nearly 75% of Americans who support Audit the Fed, until Congress passes the bill and gives President Trump the chance to fulfill his campaign promise to sign the bill into law.

This statement was originally published at Campaign For Liberty.

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