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Remember the lies told about the Coronavirus before you accept any mainstream media


Remember the lies told about the Coronavirus before you accept any mainstream media.

By Staff Reporter

Remember when we were threatened to download the Covid app so that sports may resume in Australia.

Remember when treating people with Covid with Ventilators actually killed them.

Remember when the Tanzanian President John Magufuli’s was given testing kits by the WHO which he used on a goat and pawpaw and both came out positive for Covid.

Remember the MPs from multi countries who were silenced and censored after speaking up about the government fabricating Covid numbers.

Remember when the media used the same footage from the hospital in Italy and claimed it to be a hospital in New York.

Remember when the media filmed the ER in a hospital and we later recognized mannequins instead of humans were being treated for Covid.

Remember when the media killed a little boy twice of Covid but used different names to claim it was from two different countries.

Remember when all those doctors and scientists came out contradicting the mainstream narrative around Covid and were censored or deemed as ‘Misinformation’.

Remember the endless testimonies from nurses and patients families who kept telling us there was something strange going on.

Remember when it became mandatory to get flu shots to visit your parents in aged care facilities but had no significance in helping eliminate COVID, yet caused more
depression and isolation for our vulnerable elderly and their family members.

Remember when countries began amending their death counts from Covid. Some cut their numbers by 1/2 the original count.

Remember all the false-positive test results.

Remember when they made fun of Trump for recommending hydroxychloroquine and later realized its efficiency for treating Covid.

Remember all the Inconsistent advice we received from the CDC and the WHO – so-called experts at dealing with viruses and disease for decades.

Remember when it was ok to have dozens in Woolies, but we weren’t allowed to go to the beach, an outdoor playground, or any religious gatherings.

Remember when we learned Covid deaths are counted as deaths by Covid even if the cause of death was not actually by Covid but the person had Covid.

Remember how the media and health officials justified the BLM protests taking place regardless of all scare tactics, we’d received prior to ensure we remained compliant
frightened from COVID.

Should I go on….?

Remember the lies told about the Coronavirus before you accept any mainstream media

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