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Reiner Fuellmich Update: We Are Starting To Win in Courts!!!!


Reiner Fuellmich Update: We Are Starting To Win in Courts!!!!

By USA Tomorrow


This is a message to all of humanity. We are starting to win in courts. I believe that Alberta backed off and downgraded covid 19 to the seasonal flu BECAUSE OF COURT cases all over the world. That means that other provinces will follow. Don’t stop the pressure people, this will never be over, UNTIL ALL THE CRIMINALS are charged, convicted, and executed for crimes against humanity.

Here’s what others had to say:

What an amazing video! Sharing this all over Ontario and Saskatchewan!

At last some good news. Thank you.

Sure seems like a victory,but…. Rest assured the Crown lawyers are, intuitively putting together a challenge to Albertas dissent. Patricks victory, although seemingly a large one, if not challenged, will have far reaching implications going forward. No government can afford not to challenge an issue such as this based on its future ramifications. Kudos to Patrick for challenging.

Best NEWS ever! Hope the lawyers Nail these corrupt evil entities !!!

Brilliant news.. Great to see countries around the world waking up with Canada… I pray that the UK also finds judges that will be able to do the job they were meant to do.. Anna de Buisseret lawyer in the UK is fighting also with the team. No judge seems to be wanting to hear…But, the cracks are beginning to show and to hear what has happened in Alberta is fantastic.. Yes, governments will be wanting to fight this because they’ve got too much to loose, but they forget there are fighters in both sides too. Well done!!!! And Thank you!!

Thank you for your strength and courage! We need more people standing up. I took my kids to a fair the other day and about 50:50 wearing mask to those not. I red pulled a few people and one of the carnies I’m pretty sure came back to the people after I left and told them not to believe me! He wouldn’t challenge me when I was standing there but rather came back and told these poor sheep lies. I say this because I was talking to another carney and this same game came up and whispered in their ear! And she started acting different. So as hard as we try we have to compete with these kind of people reassuring the sheep that nothings wrong! It’s horrible

Reiner Fuellmich is a top professional lawyer and we let him speak, no more to say 🙂 btw we follow your videos in Denmark 🙂

This is VERY encouraging. I also can’t wait for ALL THE CRIMINALS to be charged, convicted, and executed for crimes against humanity. This will be our new beginning to make this world more beautiful day after day.

What happens when the NEW PCR test is pushed on the world…the one that Soros and Gates just bought out for under 100 million. WILL THAT PCR test be the NEW standard? We MUST fight the launch and use of this new test. EVERYONE should know about the bait and switch.

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