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Queensland Cloud Seeding Project Underway


And the next topic that will have to be addressed and investigated but won’t be is “Weather Modification that’s unregulated and been happening for sometime “

We laughed at the conspiracy theorists about Chem Trails but maybe we shouldn’t have.
They are now admitting it but using PR firms to twist it that it’s needs to be done to save the environment.

No regulation . No public oversight. Actually no public knowledge in most cases nor permission to poison our skies.
It’s been going on for sometime, the actual spraying of a cocktail of chemicals in our skies according to the “ Australian “Newspaper yesterday.

If the Climate is changing how would we know how much is this effecting it without independent investigation ?
Once again Bill Gates is heavily behind it and we already know his record on Vaccines.

This is from the Australian newspaper yesterday.
A new emerging industry that’s been spraying chemicals in our skies for sometime with no real regulation and the public not even informed or asked and now predicting a booming industry. ( of course any adverse effects will be blamed on Climate Change and the likes of Bill Gates will use that to push why we must spray more chemicals in our skies without our permission to supposedly save our environment- a strategy used in other industries to sell untested and unproven products even when they do cause death or injury )

Climate Intervention they call it.

A mother of all recipes for Climate f.. ups I would say is more likely. Or perhaps already.
And as this technology was originally created by the Defence Departments as a weapon then what is stopping it being used as a weapon against countries or regions.
More individuals trying to play God with our actual environment.

When were our Governments going to let the public know about these untested and unproven experiments on the air we breathe and allow public debate ?…/queensland-cloud-seeding-pro……/turnbull-pumps-10m-into-…/731004

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