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Queensland borders will reopen to every state bar Victoria


By Sky News

Victorians will be booted out of a plan to reopen Queensland’s borders with political leaders set to unveil the strategy they hope will save their flailing tourism industry.

Sky News Political Editor Andrew Clennell says Queensland will likely open its borders to every state bar Victoria.

“Queensland I understand is expected to go to a situation where the border is shut to Victoria but not NSW and other states,” he said.

“It’s being likened to Goldilocks and the three bears – to get the temperature “just right”.

“To keep borders shut would kill the tourism industry. But pensioners and other citizens would be angry with the premier if she just opened all the borders and ultimately this led to community transmission in Queensland.”

Mr Clennell said Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk was also considering allowing stadiums to be filled at half capacity rather than the smaller 10,000-person limit.

Meanwhile, in Victoria, Sky News understands the federal government is pressuring Premier Daniel Andrews to shut down six specific hotspots.

“The suggestion is people would be allowed to travel to work in their local government area but not outside,” Mr Clennell said.

“Reports out of Victoria that the Victorian cabinet are considering it now.”

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