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“No Australian Should Ever Be Forced Into a Medical Experiment Under the Threat of Losing Their Job”

By Rod Culleton’s Great Australian Party

It’s that time again when Alan Jones and Craig Kelly MP drop truth bombs.

“No Australian should ever be forced into a medical experiment under the threat of losing their job”.

“We have to end the lockdowns and end the compulsory injections”.

Here’s what others had to say:

Daniel Justin
There is evidence. They just don’t want to know. I know that you know that.

Chris Chapman
The Indonesian president just proclaimed to get vaccinated or go to prison. Australia will follow.

Effie Lewis
Totally agree. The astra vacc they were going to give 2 third world countries (horrid) but then decided to keep it because of the $ spent so the age has come down to get rid of these vaccs but whoever gets it has to sign a declaration that they willingly take it despite all the risks etc so the government doesn’t have responsibility. Pure Evil.

David Roediger
People have forgotten operation Ironside, is still ongoing! Lockdown has helped capture the drug cartels. AFP has mentioned this!!!

Tony Lord
Craig Kelly for PM👍 he’s the only politician telling the truth

Anthony Xiradakis
To Craig Kelly make a political party before they execute all of us liberals and labor’s politicians they’re creating a theatre to convince us they are different they’re not



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