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Media Protection Racket Hides Joe Biden’s ‘Comically Bizarre Gaffes’ at the CNN Town Hall


Media Protection Racket Hides Joe Biden’s ‘Comically Bizarre Gaffes’ at the CNN Town Hall

By Trump News

The US media establishment “moved heaven and earth” to make President Joe Biden seem presidential at the CNN town hall, according to Sky News Digital Editor Jack Houghton.

Here’s what others had to say:

Mathew Svagan
Americans better hope he lasts the full term only because of the punishment that the country faces with the replacement!

Nell Randall
Everyone else sees how bad he is but still cnn covers for him. He’s making our nation the laughing stock

Tom Kress
People watching mainstream media would never get to see this, which appears to be standard Biden confusion every time he opens his mouth. What a great, strong and respectable puppet…Er…leader of the western world we have 😬

Carol Roemmich Bell
Well, that attempt to even make him look sane certainly bombed! What an embarrassment for Americans!

Neal Nappa
Shame on CNN for what they’re doing. This is so embarrassing. This guy’s not doing anything in fact he didn’t write any of those executive orders. I mean how can he, he can’t even say a complete sentence. They’re abusing This Old Man. I’m not saying he’s a victim he has done a lot of bad things in his life

Renata Lench
The big guy with his side kick ( the most informed reporter 😂), completing the thoughts for him when needed. Corruption and incompetence on full display -America’s very tragic reality!

John Moir
Whatever “presidential” is after 45 of them and all very different: but to me Joe seems thoughtful, quietly-spoken, compassionate… even if (like the rest of us) he stumbles over his words occasionally


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