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It’s Not What She Said! It’s ‘Why Would We Ever Do It That Way?


By Kevin McCullough

On Tuesday, Dr. Deborah Birx admitted to the American press a deception is being presented to the American people.

Our death toll is not the number we say that it is.

Not as it counts towards the pandemic known as COVID-19.

I’ve already spent some space in this column comparing the information void between what the networks will pronounce and what they refuse to.

Will: Every news network breathlessly keeps the total numbers of infections globally and domestically rotating or statically pasted on their graphics.

Will: Every news network posts the growing death numbers, 24/7, on the same screen.

Will not: Post, mention or even give lip service to the number of known recoveries across the globe.

Will not: Make any notable reference to the fact that known recoveries in America surpassed the total number of deaths roughly four days ago, and now roughly double the number dead.

If it’s a marketing ploy, or a ratings strategy, or whatever—it’s ill-suited in this time of top-down imposed cautionary cabin-fever. At the very least, if the networks would accurately report the recoveries alongside the deaths, we viewers might have some sense of balance on where our efforts are proving fruitful.

But for the “smart people” (who should be accountable to the voters) to willfully mislead us is an entirely different matter. And Dr. Deborah Birx (an Obama appointee, along with her academic theorist pal Dr. Fauci) seems to have let the cat out of the bag.

Yes… in short the rumors you’ve heard recently coming from conspiracy corner—turns out—are true.

For some unexplained reason Birx/Fauci et al, are counting deaths and attributing their cause to COVID-19, even if the actual cause of death was not COVID-19.

For example: A patient gets admitted to the hospital for organ failure due to late stage cancer. If the patient comes into contact with COVID-19 in the hospital and the virus shows up in a test either before or after death, that’s a COVID-19 fatality. Same with a heart attack/heart disease. Same with fill in the blank.

Never mind that as a nation we lose 54,000 persons a month to heart disease, and 50,000 per month to cancer.

But by “juicing the numbers,” it appears Fauci/Birx get to extend the misery, heighten the panic, and continue to command relevancy.

Considering deaths per month by COVID-19 are trailing heart disease, cancer, flu, asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, stroke, Alzheimer’s, diabetes and even drug overdoses, it appears that “commanding that relevancy” is necessary.

But why would we falsely count our causes of death from a public health perspective? Governor Andrew Cuomo—whether in on the deception or not—announced on Monday that other diseases in New York City and State appeared to have just stopped existing. Literally claiming the unfathomable—that suddenly in his hospital system there were strangely “not a lot of non-COVID” patients anymore.

If they count them the way Dr. Birx affirmed then they have indeed falsely propped up the death rate, hence undergirding the panic felt in Americans’ hearts.

So what does it mean?

Well, there’s good news and bad news.

The good news is that our death rates for COVID-19 have to be lower than what we are being told.

The bad news is that trust in Birx/Fauci has come into question—and it may be time for them to move on.

Americans also shouldn’t be even acknowledging the “projections model” from the IHME at the University of Washington.

They’re garbage!

As I am tracking them just this week, it is obvious that we trail not only “worst case” and “average case” scenarios, but since Sunday of this week, we have yet to come anywhere near “best case” projections.

For instance at this moment, USA deaths sit at nearly 1,000 deaths short of “best case” projections, nearly 4,000 deaths behind “worst case.”

But according to Dr. Birx, we have no real idea how many of these deaths were caused by COVID-19, or if it was merely present, or had been present at some point in that person’s system.

As the Twitterverse has been breathing life into this rumor over the past number of days I didn’t wish to believe it.

Now that Dr. Birx has full on admitted to it, I believe it is time for her and Dr. Fauci to either be dismissed or at the very least add voices to the task force that ask critical questions of them both.

They are not all knowing. They are accountable to us. And at the very minimum we deserve to know the truth—concerning therapies, recoveries, and accurate causes of deaths.

Otherwise any respected news source should stop using the numbers being served up as “unquestioned.”

For it appears that they lack basic skills of addition/subtraction in the real life problems involving both projections and simple counting.

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