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Is the Corona Virus a Hoax?


Is the Corona Virus a Hoax?

By Staff Reporter

Uk Citizen Journalist Mario Costa

I’ve personally spent over 2,000 hrs researching this thing since March because I instinctively knew something was not right.

…And I did not want my children saying to me “Dad why didn’t you do anything.” I just could not live with myself knowing that I just did not speak my truth.

You can choose to be a CRITICAL THINKER or not.

You can choose to actually look into this and RESEARCH IT, instead of watching the or doing nothing.

You can choose to ASK QUESTIONS or not.

You can choose to be lazy or not.



“The virus is a… wait for it… HOAX. I don’t care how this statement makes you feel. I’ve done my due diligence. I’ve studied this virus. I’ve studied it’s origins. I’ve studied the entities involved. I’ve proven that we are in a WHO live exercise. If you don’t know what a “live exercise” is (lol).. it means “a live drill.” “Drill” as in.. “test.” The proof is everywhere.

We have highly intelligent doctors telling you that the virus has never actually been isolated.

We have highly intelligent doctors telling you that the PCR testing being used to identify the virus, was never meant to test for a specific virus.

We have highly intelligent doctors telling you that the CT (cycle threshold) criteria being used to determine if you have the virus by way of the PCR testing is inaccurate.

There are no sick people in the streets or out in public. There are no dead people dying in the streets like you would see in a real pandemic.

We’ve cracked the hospital scam where they can make up to $100,000.00 in total from a person who is diagnosed with the virus. We’ve proven that the symptoms are nothing more than flu symptoms.

We caught the media lying at the beginning of the scamdemic saying hospitals were like “war zones” where there were no beds left.. NOPE.. another lie.

We caught the media using the same footage from Europe, and dubbing it “New York City.” LOL.

I can keep going and going and going but it doesn’t matter what I say.. some of these people have allowed the media and government to infect their minds with fear based programming… and for some.. there’s no coming back from that. They need an electroshock of “truth” to pull them out of their slumber.

Y’all are really cute for trying to accessorize your masks with your outfits. These celebrities are telling you to wear a mask.. so you wear one. If a celebrity says run.. your ass is gonna run. If they say jump.. your ass is gonna jump. Honestly though… I’m curious to see how well your mask matches your outfits for the day. Read the Rockefeller Foundations “LOCK STEP.”

Make some effort.. it’s so easy to be a lazy dumb ass.. and most people take the easy way out.. every damn time.

I guess there’s only one thing left to say….

NOW LET ME SEE YOU MASK MATCH! Wake the f… up. You have a brain.. USE IT!

If anyone can’t work out what’s going on or that it’s a conspiracy and still wants proof, even though I have given enough evidence to wake you all up…

Then I’m happy to challenge anyone and guarantee you I can prove everything

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