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The Vladimir Putin Interview

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If you think BG is a good guy just trying to help the world, this video will burst that bubble..


If you think BG is a good guy just trying to help the world, this video will burst that bubble…

By Nikki A Galagher

If you think BG is a good guy just trying to help the world, this video will burst that bubble..

He is a Wolfe in sheep’s clothing…

I will never buy a Microsoft products and support him ever…

I’m all for people doing charity work.. But he only started doing it cos his profile was in the toilet and did it as a publicity stunt…

I’m not ok with him and big pharmaceutical companies using minorities and 3rd world countries as Guinea pigs for their experimental vaccines

In one of his Ted talks he speaks about how the population of overpopulated and with the help of vaccines could lower it.. WTF

Direct quote ;- “The world today has 6.8billion, That’s headed up to about 9 billion. Now if we do a really great job on NEW vaccines, healthcare, reproductive health services, we could lower that perhaps 10 to 15%…

WTF AGAIN.. this man is messed up in the head he will make a fortune selling vaccines, a few of the weak will die off and then cause a vaccine injury to many more, and they will need medication for that of course the pharmaceutical companies can provide (how convenient).

Here is how the circle works.. They sell the government a vaccines- government gives it to the people for free – people get sick and need to buy pharmaceutical medicine for the rest of their life.

BG admits that vacc-ines are the best investment he hast ever made… at a 20-1 investment..
It’s not about helping people.. It’s about the money, power and notoriety.

He thinks he is God…
I want no part in his sick and twisted plan to vaccinate the world.. he can stick his shot were there are doing the anal swabs.

(Speaking of anal swabs – seriously a respiratory condition and swabbing the ass – that is getting really desperate isn’t it)

This video is only 10 mins on Bill and is a really eye-opener to the hidden agenda and trying to understand the madman

Watch it before it gets censored and taken down.. His BFF Mark Suckerburg does not like bad/truthful things said about his friend..

Bill Gates, telling everyone how he will kill people, without remorse, and without any conscience, seems to me these are the same characteristics of a demon.

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