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ID2020 adviser quits over Microsoft’s influence and COVID-19 immunity passports


ID2020 adviser quits over Microsoft’s influence and COVID-19 immunity passports

By Biohackinfo News

Harvard lawyer Elizabeth Renieris has resigned from the Technical Advisory Committee of the ID2020 ‘digital identity’ initiative.

Renieris, an advocate of the concept of ‘self-sovereign identity’ and a former Harvard classmate of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, resigned due to ID2020’s direction on digital immunity certificates and COVID-19. She also cited Microsoft’s influence on the project, while expressing concern over how corporations will influence the development of digital immunity certificates resulting in the erosion of civil liberties.

“I cannot be part of an organization overly influenced by commercial interests that only pays lip service to human rights,” wrote Renieris in a resignation letter that she also sent to digital currency news site Coindesk.

Renieris also expressed doubts and uncertainty about ID2020’s actual objectives, stating, “At this stage, I can no longer even describe what ID2020’s mission is with any confidence. All I can perceive is a desire to promote decentralized identity solutions at all costs.”

ID2020 is a ‘digital identity’ project spearheaded by Bill Gates and Microsoft, and overseen by the United Nations. As part of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals Initiative, ID2020’s purported goal is using digital identity as a solution to the problem of over 1 billion people who live without any officially recognized identity.

To achieve this ambitious goal, Microsoft has incorporated four other companies into ID2020, forming the so called ‘ID2020 Alliance’ made up of Microsoft, Gavi Vaccine Alliance, Accenture, IDEO, and the Rockefeller Foundation. Other companies like Mastercard recently joined the alliance as its profile continues to rise in light of the Coronavirus Pandemic and the increasing likelihood of digital identity being used as a means to verify who has been vaccinated against COVID-19.

Since its inception in 2016, the ID2020 Alliance had mostly been under the radar and only recently came into the limelight when in March this year, Bill Gates inadvertently made it known that he intended to push for the use of digital certificates as way of verifying who has been vaccinated against the novel coronavirus.

Biohackinfo News was the first to report on this revelation by Gates. In our article, we mentioned several human microchipping projects which Gates has been funding over the years that could serve as one of several nodes of employing digital certificates. As biohackers, we were excited about this development because human microchipping finally had an urgent, real world application outside the space of hobbyist cybernetics.

But based on the negative reaction the public had towards the idea of microchipping and the use of digital certificates as a way to return to normalcy during the pandemic, it looks like Bill Gates’ Public Relations team decided that the negative PR from his own bean-spilling had to be mitigated, and damage control had to be at whatever the cost.

Ever since we published the article, we have had to fight off repeated cyber attacks originating from Microsoft’s offices, including the Redmond office in Seattle. We have kept a log of these cyber attacks, and we are considering the appropriate course of legal action.

But more disturbing than Microsoft’s cyber attacks against us, is that for almost two months now, Bill Gates-funded “fact checkers” have been posting articles and dissertations “debunking” our article – by either misconstruing what the article actually says, or using complete disinformation.

ID2020 even had one Ben Parker, a known PR mouthpiece of the Gates Foundation, write a fluff piece about the organization. In Parker’s propaganda article, ID2020 claims to have nothing to do with digital immunity certificates, and that it is solely working on providing digital identity to people without any legal identity. The reasons for Renieris’ resignation clearly prove otherwise, and ID2020 has clearly been lying about its involvement in immunity passports, especially since not too long ago, ID2020’s executive director Dakota Gruener wrote an entire paper advocating for the use of digital immunity certificates during the ongoing pandemic.

A key component of the disinformation by the Bill Gates-funded “fact checkers” and now sadly the Nature scientific journal – which has accused us of starting a conspiracy theory against Bill Gates, is falsely claiming that we said Gates would use microchip implants to track people. Anyone that has actually read our Bill Gates microchipping article in its entirety can tell you this is a lie. No currently available human-implantable microchip is capable of functioning as a tracker. We as biohackers, know this and have been saying this to many people who think microchip implants can be used for tracking.

In said article, we clearly explain that microchip implants will serve the same purpose all current microchip implants mostly serve; which is as identity tags.

Our Bill Gates microchipping article is clearly about the most feasible way of implementing digital certificates. Microchip implants as identity tags are a good way of holding digital records, including immunization records that would be contained in the digital certificates being promoted by Bill Gates. So based on Gates’ history of funding implantable technology like a birth control microchip implant and MIT’s quantum dot capsules, deducing that he could adopt microchip implants as digital certificates is NOT a conspiracy theory.

What’s funny is, despite Bill Gates openly funding microchipping projects and his Foundation’s website listing some of these projects, he recently told the media that he knows nothing about microchip implants!

I’ve never been involved in any sort of microchip type thing!” said Gates in a call with Business Insider, acting oblivious.

This is pathological lying is very strange and should because for concern. Gates is blatantly lying about never having any involvement with something he openly funds. The fact that the COVID-19 Pandemic has resulted in Gates being positioned by politicians and mainstream media as some sort of messiah figure – while being handed total monopoly over global health, even though he has no medical qualifications, should raise more alarm in light of this blatant lie.

Why are American politicians like Republican Senator Lindsey Graham not only defending Gates in this blatant lie, but also demanding that Gates be made the head of the World Health Organization? Why is Bill Gates lying? What is Bill Gates, a known associate of Jeffrey Epstein, hiding?

The resignation of Elizabeth Reineris and her uncertainty about what the real mission of ID2020 is, reflects our current predicament. We initially thought the purpose of ID2020 and digital immunity certificates – whether deployed through microchip implants or not, was straightforward and well-intentioned. But given all the gaslighting, the lack of transparency by ID2020, the attacks against us by Microsoft and the disinformation originating from Bill Gates himself, one wonders, what is really going on with ID2020? What is Bill Gates up to?

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