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Help Us Restore The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution 1901


Help Us Restore The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution 1901.

By Aussie Patriots

Are you aware that the Constitution as it was written was made for the Will of The People?
• Did you know that The Constitution is the Highest law of the Land?
• Have you heard that Common Law is written into the Constitution and is The Law of The Land?
• Has history taught us that Freedoms, Rights and Privileges came about easily or were they Defended for by Peoples who Demanded the Right to Exist without fear of persecution or hardship imposed upon them by any government?
• Are you aware that your Will and Consent is protected by the Constitution and Common law?
• Does the Media reflect investigative journalism aligned with Truth, Integrity and Honesty or does it play a part with opinion
making and entertainment?
• Did you know the Constitution does not get Suspended even in times of a Pandemic?
• Know your Rights as Individuals! Protect Yourself, you have Every Right to because the Government is not there to protect you! Wake up and Realise that you are more powerful than you can Imagine and share your knowledge of this Fact with other Aussie Patriots.

A call out to all Australian Patriots who want to see our lives return to normal!

Help Us Restore The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution 1901!

When governments no longer listen to the People, is when the Will of the People are no longer being served by the politicians. This is Tyranny, Treason and Sedition against The Peoples of Australia. There is no doubt that elections using software that flips votes have put our election processes currently in Australia and Internationally into Disrepute and Suspicion. Does it matter who you vote for or does it matter who only counts the votes? Too much is taken for granted and we have out-sourced our Will to criminals in government who work for international interests and various agendas which are all but concerned with the Sovereignty of Australians.

The Question is, do you believe that you can make difference ? If so, you are welcome to join us to fight for our Freedom and Sovereignty as Patriotic Australians. Remember we were born Free under Gods Gracious Gift. Only Strength in Unity Laws were Written to be Upheld. It’s up to WE THE PEOPLE to Act Together when we have been failed by politicians who do not work for Us. When Criminals are writing laws to protect themselves it’s up to us We the People to vote them out of office and Restore Law and Order and to have Aussie Patriots who will Defend our Freedoms using the Constitution as our Bedrock of Truth, Freedom and Liberty.

Australia is our Country and ALL of it’s people need to be represented by men and women who are Standing Under Their Oath of Office and who hold Australia’s best interest at Heart. We The People of Australia are Guardians of this Land, not Foreign Parties who do not care for our Culture, Peoples, History or Destiny. We must show bonafide evidence that the Will of the people is to restore the Constitution. To do this we will collect 100,000 names of those patriotic Australians who support the Constitution and the freedoms found therein, then we will submit those names along with our request to restore our lawful Constitution.

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