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Government will send all confirmed COVID – 19 community cases to quarantine facilities – Related concerns


Government will send all confirmed COVID – 19 community cases to quarantine facilities – Related concerns.

By Johann Nogueira

Here are my concerns:

– People are getting CV (99.6% recover)

– People are inherently good law abiding citizens and do the right thing (99% of society….there’s like 3 assholes who seem to get around a lot)

– The virus spreads like the flu ….

– People with symptoms will now be taken away to a quarantine facility away from their loved ones and in isolation and without their “stuff” …… this leads to mental health issues….

– There are reports of how people who do have it are treated or lack of treatment by carers in the aged care homes.

– 67% of Australians are considered unhealthy (Department of Health Stat)

– Unhealthy people are more susceptible to health issues

– Police have been given extra powers to enter Homes without a warrant

– what happens when someone has the flu, their neighbors report them to the police (it’s happening in my own street) and with the below article they could be dragged out of the home and taken to a quarantine facility for an unknown amount of time (2 weeks plus reinfection)

– The Tests are very in accurate …. lots of countries are now winding back their results because of this revelation

– There is no stoping Covid….. it is a here to stay and will spread and resurgence is imminent and is now part of our lives…

– A Vacc1ne is a while away and there is a 75% distrust amongst the population regarding a rushed “cure”

– To those who say lockdown is not the answer, what is?

– If we allow our loved ones to be dragged out of the home, What’s next?

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