Government Regulations Are The Wellspring Of Corporate Monopolization

Government Regulations Are The Wellspring Of Corporate Monopolization

By Liberty Report Staff

One of the biggest lies that Americans have accepted as truth is that we can’t have a free market and we must have government regulations.

The propaganda is understood be that if we had a free market, corporations would become monstrous monopolies. No one would be able to keep them in check. What’s needed is big government to “regulate” and prevent such a thing from happening.

A bigger Mother Goose fairy tale couldn’t have been told.

But Americans swallowed it, and now we’re greeted with the results.

The U.S. federal government is the biggest government in all of mankind’s history. Over the last 100+ years, Americans gave up their freedom for the “government regulation” lie.

Because of government regulations, we have corporations the size of which would never (ever) exist if there was a free market.

Government regulations created the massive corporate monopolies that exist today.

Patrick Wood gives us the results of the countless regulations:

Today, four companies produce 84 percent of our beef. Four companies control the world’s grain market. Six corporations control 90 percent of the media. Ten companies control everything you buy. Three companies completely dominate the farm equipment market. Fourteen companies control the entire global auto industry. You get the idea.

“Government regulations” are easily one of the greatest scams ever pulled off by those who want to cement their businesses in place, and keep all competition permanently away. Government regulations prohibit the breaking up of this “system.”

And to top it off…

Today, Americans are petrified of freedom! Americans are scared to death of living free!

Every burp that happens anywhere causes the same exact knee-jerk reaction: “We need more government regulations!”

Now that is how you get people to voluntarily give away their freedom and chance for prosperity.

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