Forced Uniformity Of Thought Is A Futile Endeavor

Forced Uniformity Of Thought Is A Futile Endeavor
By Chris Rossini

Each and every one of us are a one-of-a-kind….No duplicates….No copies.

Even if a perfect physical copy could be created of you, that new person would still occupy a different place in the universe. It would observe, and interpret what it observes in its own unique way.

So, no matter how you slice it, no two humans think the exact same sequence of thoughts.

It’s our individual thinking that makes us truly unique.

If you’ve been paying attention to the news (and human history) you’ll notice that there are a lot people who have a problem with this.

They don’t like that other people form their own opinions. They don’t like that other people make different choices than what they themselves would make.

In their minds, everyone should think exactly the same way. And of course, they’re the ones who are to decide what that way should be.

If they say X is “offensive,” then you are to think that X is offensive.

Their goal is uniformity in thought.

Immediately, these authoritarian individuals experience a clash with reality. They quickly find out that the world is not structured to their pleasing. And so, they need to be whisked away into “safe spaces,” and protected from reality.

The last refuge of those who seek uniformity in thought is violence; either on their own, or perpetrated by the government on their behalf.

But violence doesn’t change human nature, no matter how much of it they’re able to wield.

We’re still different and unique. We still observe and interpret the world in our own individual way. The only thing that’s changed is now there are a bunch of people trying to beat up on others.

The whole thing is a futile endeavor.

Just as Economic Marxism was an impossible utopia, so is Cultural Marxism.

Those who seek uniformity in thought are just spinning their wheels and creating a ton of unnecessary heartache while doing so.

Real unity (not uniformity, but unity) entails a recognition of everyone’s individuality.

The ideas of Liberty coincide with this recognition.

Liberty means no one is allowed to use aggressive force against another. It means you can’t get government to use force on your behalf either.

Liberty means that you live your life as your individual thinking decides it should be lived, and you let others do exactly the same thing. They don’t need your permission, and you don’t need theirs. You’re going to make choices that they may not like, and they’re going to do the same.

As long as no aggressive force or fraud is committed, it means live and let live.

Doesn’t that seem more reasonable considering our uniqueness?

Doesn’t that sound like a better idea than a forced uniformity that can never be achieved?

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