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Australian MP Graig Kelly continues to call for Dan Andrews to leave


Australian MP Graig Kelly continues to call for Dan Andrews to leave.

By Staff Reporter


Pack up your ‘super-computer’ and just go.

You’ve continued to ignore the advice of hundreds of highly qualified and highly experienced doctors that have warned about the risk of increases in self-harm.

The children need to be freed from Andrews’ mad reign of terror.

Let the kids go to beach. Let kids them bikes and run and play outside WITHOUT masks. Let kids visit friends.

Otherwise, you’ll have even more blood on your hands.

New report shows teen and elderly male suicide rates higher than before COVID

A shocking rise in the number of Victorian males taking their own lives during the COVID pandemic has been revealed, and one Melbourne doctor fears it could be “just the tip of the iceberg”

As many Victorian boys have taken their own lives in just nine months in 2020, as did over whole years before the COVID-19 pandemic.

Melbourne surgeon Geoffrey Wells — who spearheaded a doctors’ campaign against the city’s harsh lockdown — said he feared the suicide figures were “just the tip of the iceberg” and a tsunami of mental health harm was bearing down on Victoria.

Mr Wells, who will meet with new health Minister Martin Foley on Wednesday to express his fears, said doctors were at the coalface of the COVID-19 pandemic and should be consulted about coronavirus policies.

“I’m still not sure who exactly is making health policy for Victoria (but) are they in a bubble, or just totally oblivious to the harm that’s occurring in Victorian society?” he questioned.

Mr Wells said there was now “overwhelming evidence” of the mental harm occurring in Melburnians because of the extended lockdown.

He was talking to other doctors regularly, who were reporting seeing more patients with poor mental health than ever, he said.

Particular fears were held for young Victorians, with evidence showing mental illness rates among teenagers were skyrocketing, he said.

And many of his own — mostly, older male — patients, were showing signs of depression because they could not see their families or attend the funerals of loved ones and friends, Mr Wells said.

“There will also be much more harm that’s going to happen down the track — in three or four months — from delayed diagnosis and when we see the fallout from the economic disaster,” he said.

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