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The Vladimir Putin Interview

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Are Governments Now Working Together To Hide Schumann Resonance Spikes?


Are Governments Now Working Together To Hide Schumann Resonance Spikes?

By London Times

Here’s what others had to say:

Start digging. This rabbithole is deep.

William Wallis
flatearth british sub is showing 8 hours of footage of what world gov is hiding from us loldollsntrolls ,be that warrior james keep shinin as we need 70 % to switch this bizar world around

Lyran Starseeds 144
They can censor the data, but not what’s coming in from the heaven…
Praise the Lord…

miriam moore
Pretty soon, you will be able to see with the naked eye what they are hiding…then watch out! PANIC IN THE STREETS. When that happens, stay inside and pray. There is nothing we can do but pray. IN GOD WE TRUST

Catrina Wang
Rejoice .. cause you are on to them ! And they can block it all there action are vain! Ppl will wake up soon .. everyone prepare to bring them up to date ! Sending love hugs family.. thanks James !

D-Money Duhh
Somebody’s expecting something sooner than expected

TNT Storm
Yes because I use it as a tool for spiritual knowledge and understanding. 144

You know if they keep getting bolder in scrubbing data it is of utmost importance. Bizarro world no doubt! God bless

Less then 20 days now .. sword of truth has been drawn

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