About Your So-Called “Enemies”

About Your So-Called “Enemies”

By Chris Rossini

It’s World Series time again with the Astros and the Nationals getting ready for a big Game 7. Passions are running high, faces are being painted, and prayers are being made.

Yet, no matter which team wins the last game, there is an organization that profits — Major League Baseball.

That’s a great position to be in, is it not?

Major League Baseball doesn’t care who wins. While two opposing forces duke it out, the League wins no matter what the outcome.

That’s not to say that something nefarious is happening here. There’s nothing unethical about it. Baseball is a glorious sport. It’s a team sport with a major focus on individuality. For advocates of individual liberty, Baseball really is ‘America’s Game.’

Major League Baseball provides millions of consumers with the finest sports entertainment. The players are paid many millions of dollars because they produce something that is in such high demand.

Taxpayers subsidizing stadiums has to stop, of course. Those are unethical. But Major League Baseball largely deals in the voluntary and moral side of human transactions.

Now let’s turn to The Swamp and the almost-completely unethical world of politics. As opposed to organizations like Major League Baseball, the political class doesn’t generate one iota of wealth. The political class takes (by force) from people who create wealth.

The Swamp, in order to keep the flow of money pouring in from wealth creators, also has a desire to win no matter what.

The Swamp has “teams.” — Republicans & Democrats.

The teams have team colors and mascots. They have their own media to keep passions high, and boy are the fans of these teams passionate. They say and do some of the most vile things to members of the other “team.”

Yet, no matter what happens, and no matter who “wins,” The Swamp wins no-matter-what.

More wealth is confiscated by The Swamp …. More tyranny is imposed on everyone, no matter which team anyone is on.

And wouldn’t know that the greatest of ironies is now upon us….

In what started out as the “land of the free,” there now resides the biggest Swamp to ever exist on planet Earth!

How’s that for a complete 180…?

The Swamp lives and breathes on one simple emotion — Fear.

That one emotion is the conduit to riches.

There’s the fear of the foreign boogeyman … The fear of the weather … The fear of employers …. The fear of other races … other sexes … other religions …

The Swamp has sliced-and-diced it down to the granular level!


Because in these battles of “enemies,” The Swamp wins no matter what!

The government budget never goes down. The legislation never goes away. The wars never end. The welfare never shrinks. The surveillance never stops.

This “game” is the exact opposite of something like Major League Baseball.

This is the game of the Old World.

This is the game that America’s Founders wanted to escape, and the New World was the playing field for that escape.

Well, let’s just say the Old World’s ideas hopped across the ocean and took over the game board.

But the game isn’t over.

Liberty is still the nature of every human being, no matter where they live on our planet.

Nature doesn’t change.

The ability to deal with one another without using aggressive force is still an option.

The ability of not being afraid of your own shadow is still an option.

The ability of not seeing everyone else as an “enemy” because of some inconsequential difference is still an option.

The ability to ignore the media has never been more available.

The ability not to play the game at all is an option.

You can just be you, and not a Republican or Democrat with your pre-assigned “enemies.”

Liberty is easy. Don’t use force to get what you want.

It fits on a bumper sticker.

Despite its gigantic size, The Swamp is a temporary and ephemeral reality. Every Swamp that exists ultimately reaches its point of exhaustion. Every scheme ultimately runs out of other people’s money.

But Liberty is eternal.

It really does win no matter what.

Embrace it!

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