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When Uncle Sam Just Can’t Afford It Anymore


By Chris Rossini

Individual Liberty is rooted in a single principle: non-aggression.

In a free society, no one would be permitted to use aggressive force against anyone else. No one would be allowed to hire or “vote” for someone to use aggressive force against anyone else.

Aggressive force is a crime, and it would be treated like one.

But right now, we’re dealing with the opposite. Long ago, before any of us were born, the idea that government is permitted to use aggressive force became the accepted norm.

Aggressive force became institutionalized, monopolized and concentrated.

We find ourselves today in the midst of gang warfare (euphemistically referred to as “politics”.) Whether it be left or right … progressive or conservative … all are fighting amongst each other to see who will wield this violent and aggressive force.

Neither side can admit that they are engaged in gang warfare. They both believe that their causes are righteous. In their minds, they have to use violence in order to create peace. They have to steal in order to create prosperity. They have to destroy other nations in order to bring them freedom.

They never achieve any of their stated goals….but failure fails to act as an incentive because taxpayer money is always ripe for the picking.

While both sides claim to believe in peace, there is no question that they have made peace their enemy. While both claim to believe that their violence will create security, they have made every individual’s life, liberty and property completely insecure.

Everyone is just one election away from being under siege by the other gang. The other gang will take your money and force you to fund their violence — whether it be in the form of welfare or warfare.

Government-driven gang warfare brings out the very worst in people. It makes lying perfectly acceptable and normal. After all, if you’re going to use violence, or the threat of violence, you can’t let a mere lie stand in your way. Hence, politicians are not only permitted to lie, they’re expected to lie!

As the gang warfare erodes civilization, the lying becomes so severe that the truth itself become the mortal enemy. Everything must be monitored, and censorship is sought after.

Censor the other gang!!

The truth cannot be allowed to gain any traction.

When peace is the enemy, and truth is the enemy, the madness ratchets up to sickening levels.

In order to protect themselves, the political gang leaders start to work together: “We’ll let you have your war, if you let us have our welfare.”

They horse trade their violent acts.

The distinction between the political gangs starts to fade away. The only difference is the rhetoric that they use to keep their followers in line.

Next up on the list is the price tag. The cost of maintaining this monopoly of aggression becomes astronomical!

Now economics joins peace and truth as a mortal enemy.

Debt doesn’t matter! … Just print the money! … Fix interest rates! … Fix prices!

Tax the rich guy … Tax the poor guy … Tax, Tax Tax!

Economics is what always breaks the back of aggressive government. The simple reason is that it can’t be stopped. Supply and Demand is not subject to a government ‘ban.’

Economic law always wins. It’s undefeated.

But what a shame that this dark road was taken in the first place. And once it’s taken, it appears from all of history that it has to run its course.

Once people get used to the idea of using aggressive force against others, the only thing that finally stops them is they simply can’t afford it anymore.

Considering the financial condition of the United States governments (on all levels) they don’t have many more rabbits to pull out of their hats.

Someday, instead of a rabbit, they will pull default out of the hat.

Then it will be time to re-think things.

Individual Liberty is rooted in a single idea: non-aggression.

No exceptions.

​No exemptions.

What an amazing idea!

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