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What Metro Areas Are Attracting the Most New Renters?


via Mike Shedlock:

The great escape from Blue states to Red states continues in 2023.

California, New York, Illinois, New Jersey, and Massachusetts are the five top states people are fleeing on an absolute basis according to a National Apartment List Report on migration.

Percentage Basis

On a percentage basis people are fleeing New York, California, Hawaii. Alaska, and Illinois, in that order.

Special Congrats to New York, California, and Illinois

Unsurprisingly, New York, California, and Illinois appear in both lists.

Where are People Headed?

On an absolute basis it’s Florida, Texas, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee.

All but Texas are in the top 5 percentage gainers as well. South Carolina is the biggest winner on a percentage basis.

Escape From California and New York

Top Inbound Metro Areas

Apartment List reports “North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida account for 7 of the top 10 metros with the most interest coming from out-of-towners, confirming the popularity of these states among Americans looking to make long-distance moves. Another trend represented on this list is renters priced out of the nation’s most expensive markets searching in more affordable neighboring markets – for example, from San Francisco to Stockton, CA, and from New York City to Bridgeport, CT.”

Apartment List Notes

The analysis in this report is based on apartment searches rather than completed moves, based on the search preferences that users provide when they register for Apartment List.

In this report, we analyze only the net domestic migration estimates released by Census, as this is the component of population change that aligns most closely with the Apartment List data that we present in tandem.

Domestic migration is just one component of population change, which is also impacted by international migration and natural population change (births and deaths).

Thanks to Robert Warnock at Apartment List to reaching out with the data.

I repeat a continual theme of previous posts on migration. If you live in New York, California, or Illinois, get the hell out.

All three states are progressive policy hells. And all want higher taxes to fund their goals.

President Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders all want to tax the rich for their goals. What’s the key problem?

For discussion of Blue state hell and progressive policy in general, please see What’s the Big Problem With Taxing the Rich for Progressive Goals?

The answer is Progressive policy mandates are so huge, the rich do not have enough money.

They are coming after you even though they won’t admit it. See above link for a point-by-point analysis of proposals from Biden, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren.


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