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WATCH: Vivek Ramaswamy Flips the Script and Shuts Down Triggered NBC News Hack After She Tries to Bully Him with Several Race-Baiting Questions | The Gateway Pundit

Ramaswamy (left) flips the table and shuts down blond NBC reporter (right) Credit: @ChiefNerd/@BennyJohnson

When will the corporate media learn that trying to bully Vivek Ramaswamy is a bad idea?

As the Gateway Pundit previously reported, a female Washington Post ‘reporter’ on Wednesday tried to corner Ramaswamy at one of his Iowa campaign events with a ridiculous question on white supremacy before he completely obliterated her.

An NBC News ‘reporter’ named Dasha Burns thought she would have better luck pinning Ramaswamy on the subject of race a day later. But she became triggered as Ramaswamy quickly flipped the script on her race-baiting, gotcha questions before finally shutting her down.

Burns starts by bringing up the millennial candidate’s Wednesday encounter with the press, including the aforementioned Washington Post hack. She then asks him about Dylann Roof, a white nationalist who murdered nine black people inside a church.

Ramaswamy responds by saying that he condemns racism in all its forms but will not play the media’s gotcha game on the white supremacy ‘crisis.’ He notes that race-baiters cherry-pick fake racial incidents and have called things white supremacy that have nothing to do with skin color, like punctuality.

This triggers Burns, who then falsely accuses Ramaswamy of creating a straw man argument, specifically citing racial hoaxer and actor Jussie Smollett.

“But you are also cherry-picking when you bring up Jussie Smollett!” she whines.

Ramaswamy swats her away like a fly and then proceeds to elaborate on the black-on-black crime crisis plaguing America.

“If you really care about crime against black Americans, let’s get to the root causes of it,” he says.

Burns then tries to play gotcha by bringing up the far-left Anti-Defamation League’s stats on “white supremacist propaganda,” but this does not work because Ramaswamy slaps that attempt away, angering Burns further. She then rudely interrupts Ramaswamy when he is talking about looking at federal law enforcement data alleged FBI statistics on ‘hate crimes.’

This fails as well because Ramaswamy points out that ‘hate crimes’ are a political judgment and reiterates the best way to help black Americans is to focus on the black-on-black crime happening in our inner cities.


After a bit of back and forth, Ramaswamy brings up the Nashville transgender manifesto and how it was the only one that did not leak quickly because it did not fit the corporate media narrative. He doubles down even after a panicked Burns tries to change the subject.

Burns then attempts to concern-troll by claiming his candidacy could drive away Black and Hispanic voters just as Republicans are making gains and whines that establishment Republicans are concerned about his rhetoric. Ramaswamy then responds epically.

“You know what? I’m concerned about their corruption!” he says. Ramaswamy then talks about how he can unify the country and mentions a challenging but respectful exchange with a black pastor on affirmative action at one of his campaign events before Burns interrupts.

After she tries to insulate that being against affirmative action means denying racism is a problem, Ramaswamy finally shuts her down for good.

He points out we are closer than ever to achieving Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream of ending racism in America and rips the media for tarnishing the legacy of civil rights leaders. Ramaswamy astutely notes by obsessing over fake issues like systemic racism and white guilt; they are reopening racial wounds that were nearly closed.

Ramaswamy closes by saying he will bring more people of color into the GOP by avoiding poll-tested slogans and telling the absolute truth about America’s racial progress, which is worth celebrating.

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