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WATCH: Pro-Trump Georgia Congressional Candidate Delivers Epic Speech Slamming Carpet-Bagging Opponent Allegedly Orchestrating Attacks on His Wife and then Storms off Debate Stage | The Gateway Pundit

Credit: GPB Youtube Screenshot

A Georgia GOP congressional candidate named Chuck Hand stunned the political world on Sunday after refusing to debate an establishment GOPer allegedly orchestrating attacks on his wife just one week ahead of a runoff.

Hand, a construction superintendent and a huge fan of President Trump, is competing against fellow Republican Wayne Johnson for the GOP primary nomination in Georgia’s 2nd Congressional district. Hand was also previously convicted of a bogus misdemeanor for “illegally” demonstrating inside the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021 and was sentenced to 20 days in federal prison and six months of probation.

Johnson is a more moderate candidate who lives in Georgia’s 8th Congressional District, not the 2nd.

During the debate, which was sponsored by the Atlanta Press Club, the moderator asked Hand a question about the new farm bill currently being debated in Congress. Hand instead took his time unleashing a tour de force against his carpet-bagging opponent while portraying himself as the only man who represents the people of the 2nd district.

Then he stormed off the stage.


HAND: I’m Chuck Hand, lifelong resident of the 2nd district. I’ve worked side-by-side with the people of the 2nd district, solving problems since 2018.

I’ve only seen this man come around when it’s election time, wanting to run for office. I’ve been wearing my tires out in Southwest Georgia, meeting voters and building relationships in communities for years now.

I’m not interested in debating issues of the 2nd District with a man who doesn’t even reside in it. Especially one who orchestrates attacks on my wife.

I’m more concerned about being Sanford Bishop, representing you and passing the American-first agenda, and putting Donald Trump back in the White House. This race is very simple: it’s either 8th District money or 2nd District heart (puts fist over heart).

The choice is yours: it’s either the dollar vs the change. Now this is where I get back in my truck and head back to Southwest Georgia because I got two races to win.

(walks off stage)

As the Associated Press reported, Hand answered questions from reporters for nearly 20 minutes after walking out of the debate. He said that Johnson had orchestrated the attacks by the third-place finisher in the race, Michael Nixon. Hand was particularly furious that Nixon callously brought up Hand’s wife’s long-ago conviction for the illegal sale of oxycodone.

After losing his race, Nixon endorsed Johnson and attacked Hand. He claimed during a press conference that Hand and his wife “bring with them to this race significant criminal backgrounds and a demonstration of financial irresponsibility.”

“It’s perfectly fine to attack me as a candidate. I expect that. But to come out and publicly attack my wife, that’s a completely different situation,” Hand explained. “My wife had paid her debt to society long before I ever met her.”

The Hand-Johnson runoff is scheduled for June 18. The winner will face 16-term Democrat incumbent Rep. Sanford Bishop in November.

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