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WATCH: Massive General Strike Takes Polish Farmers to Warsaw – Clashes With Riot Police – Globalist Tusk Government and EU Commission Cave, Will Regulate Cheap Ukrainian Grain | The Gateway Pundit


And once again, Polish farmers are out in force to protest, this time enacting a MASSIVE general strike in the capital Warsaw.

In this post, you will see 8 videos showing the massive scope of the demonstration.

At this point, we have talked about it extensively, abd understand what it happening.

Watch: Endless line of protesting tractors.

Watch: Massive numbers of Farmers in the capital.

Read: TWO POLANDS: Farmers From ‘Solidarity’ Union Call For General Strike, Blockage of Ukraine Border – Globalist PM Tusk Bows to Brussels and Failed Climate Policies

On the one hand, like in most European countries, Polish farmers have been protesting the EU bureaucracy in general, and particularly the crippling ‘green’ laws and regulations.

It makes pretty little sense for these people from the countryside to cut back dramatically on fertilizers and pesticides, see their profit vanish,  only to watch their own governments happily import cheap grain from countries with no such worries in my mind.

It sounds like a manufactured famine.

Watch: Huge crowd starts some fires.

Watch: A EU flag is reportedly burned.

Read: Despite Polish PM Tusk’s Pro-Ukraine Efforts, Farmers Block Border Crossings, Infuriate Kiev by Opening Carriages and Destroying Grain

On the other hand, Polish have a specific local worry with another EU obsession besides climate lunacy: Ukraine.

The Globalist, Eurocentric and pro-Ukraine new government of Poland led by Donald Tusk has to backtrack commitments to avert further chaos.

And so, it arises that the European Commission has agreed to work on changes to EU’s agreement with Ukraine on the road transport of goods.

This was one of the chief demands by Polish truckers.

Watch: Police, protesters and journalists form 3 groups as tensions escalate

Watch: Riot gear Police retreats as horn-honking farmers advance

Reuters reported:

“A revision of the agreement which removed most restrictions for drivers transporting goods between Ukraine and the European Union was among key demands of Polish truckers who blocked some border crossings with Ukraine for several weeks around the turn of the year.

‘The European Commission has started the procedure for revising the European Union-Ukraine Agreement on the transport of goods by road’, the ministry said in a statement.

[…] ‘We managed to convince our partners of the need to work on the revision of this agreement, which has become one of the main reasons for protests by Polish carriers’, the statement quoted Infrastructure Minister Dariusz Klimczak as saying.”

Read: 3,000 Lorries Queued at Poland-Ukraine Border Checkpoints, as Polish Farmers Rejoin Truckers in Protest Against Agricultural and Transportation EU Rules Favoring Kiev

Watch: Scuffle between farmers and officers.

Watch: Confrontation between police and farmers

Read more:

WATCH: French Farmers Tighten Their Grip on Paris, as Government Scrambles To Appease Them – Revolt Spreads to Belgium


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