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Washington Post Reporter Slammed for Article That Blames Retail Theft on Capitalism and Says That America is Built on Stolen Land | The Gateway Pundit

Bare shelves in a Washington, D.C., CVS testify to the toll shoplifting took on the retail store, which announced it is closing in February.
Bare shelves in a Washington, D.C., CVS testify to the toll shoplifting took on the retail store, which announced it is closing in February. (WUSA9 / YouTube screen shot)

A Washington Post reporter named Maura Judkis is under fire for a recent article on retail theft that blames everyone but the thieves.

Judkis blames conservatives, downplays the crime problem, blames capitalism, and even says that the United States is built on stolen land.

It’s like a women’s studies undergrad at Oberlin wrote the piece.

Breitbart News reports:

‘America Is Built on Stolen Land’: Washington Post Blames Conservatives for Crime Surge ‘Moral Panic’

A new Washington Post report has garnered backlash for blaming empty store shelves on “capitalism” and referring to the surge in crime reports as a conservative-driven “moral panic.”

“America is a sticky-fingered nation built on stolen land, and its current moral panic is about shoplifting,” culture reporter Maura Judkis wrote in a Friday piece titled “The zombie CVS, a late-capitalism horror story.”

Judkis painted a story of a Washington, DC, CVS store that had been looted so much that almost nothing was left on the shelves before it eventually closed down in February.

… instead of pointing the finger at the culprits of these crimes, Judkis complained that conservatives had used the uptick in crime to criticize liberal-run cities.

“It became a horror story of Late Capitalism,” the Washington Post report stated, adding that “the empty CVS had somehow become a stand-in for all that is wrong with American cities — and liberals (and liberal democracy?) — in 2024.”

The retail theft problem has been well documented.

This comment from Michael Malice is straight fire.

The left refuses to see reality on this issue. They simply will not blame criminals for anything.

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