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War Lobby Mobilizes to Push John McGuire for Congress


Last Updated on March 8, 2024

The war lobby is mobilizing to take down Freedom Caucus Chairman Rep. Bob Good and install John McGuire in his place in Virginia’s 5th Congressional District, with McGuire winning the endorsement of House Armed Services Committee Chairman Rep. Mike Rogers. Among other complaints, McGuire and Rogers say that Rep. Good isn’t doing enough to support forever wars after he helped block Democrat legislation that would send $100 billion to Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan.

“I’m fully endorsing John McGuire for Congress,” Rep. Rogers, the Lockheed Martin-tied Rep. from Alabama, said in a statement. “His military background and service make it clear that he’s committed to protecting this country,” he added, before claiming that Rep. Good, who has stood toe-to-toe with the war lobby to oppose hundreds of billions of dollars in American military and financial aid for Ukraine, “has not delivered for veterans” or “prioritized service members.”

In addition to the endorsement from Rep. Mike Rodgers, McGuire was endorsed by Minnesota Rep. Derrick Van Orden, who’s boasted that he’s been “banned from Russia since 2009 after working on the counter-Russian problem set since 2009 with Special Operations Command Europe.”

“War criminal Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine is illegal, and his despicable display of international aggression cannot go unchecked,” Van Orden said in 2023.

McGuire’s run for Congress comes just months after he was elected to the Virginia State Senate and after he assured his supporters that he would not jump ship and run for Congress, as he tried to do before, in Virginia’s 7th District.

McGuire has made his support for the GOP establishment and the war lobby a major theme of his campaign, with he and his surrogates backing both Kevin McCarthy and massive aid to foreign countries.

As National File previously reported: 

In an email sent out by Friends of John McGuire, the candidate’s position on Kevin McCarthy and the GOP establishment was made abundantly clear, as the email blasted Rep. Good for helping spearhead the historic effort to remove Kevin McCarthy from the speakership last year.

In the email, Rep. Good’s actions surrounding the McCarthy speakership were grossly mischaracterized.

“Our current Congressman voted for Kevin McCarthy to be Speaker, then threw a temper tantrum, reversed himself, and allowed the party to fall into chaos, costing us the 2023 elections,” the email reads.

It completely failed to mention the fact that Rep. Good held out on voting for McCarthy until he agreed to remove Nancy Pelosi’s House Rules and bring back the single-member Jeffersonian Motion to Vacate. Good and others who made this happen, assured that when Kevin McCarthy went sideways, he could be gotten rid of.

The email went on to bizarrely blame the removal of Kevin McCarthy for Republican losses in Virginia’s 2023 elections and then blasted Good for not being pro-war enough and doing enough for Israel, while parroting debunked Israeli propaganda claims about the 10/7 Hamas raid on southern Israel.

John McGuire Email
Above: Excerpts from the Friends of John McGuire Email Slamming Rep. Bob Good for Opposing McCarthy and Not Beating the War Drums.

Read More: John McGuire Pledged Not to Primary Bob Good, Now He’s Doing Just That

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