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War against car owners: Outremont borough imposes radical regulation


If people were skeptical about whether there is a war against gas-powered car owners, they might see the situation differently now. On January 5, the mayor of Outremont borough, Laurent Desbois, decided to send a strong message to car owners by reducing the time allowance for owners to let their engines run while their vehicles are parked to only 10 seconds.

Failure to comply will result in severe fines ranging from $150 to $350, which could rise to $600 in cases of recurrence. This announcement comes two months after the Legault government allowed cities and municipalities will impose an additional registration tax on the highest polluting vehicles. Outremont has decided to go further by implementing this strict prohibition on engine idling.

Enforcement of the regulation will be ensured by the borough’s public security service and not by the Montreal police. The rule will only be applied when the temperature is between 0 and 25°C. Emergency vehicles, buses, and electric cars will be exempted for obvious reasons.

Carl Boissonneault, an automotive expert and owner of Carbo Electric garage, mentioned to Rebel News that the first ten seconds of an engine idling at very low temperature is when it will consume the most fuel or emit the most CO2. He also added that ten seconds is not enough to reach an engine temperature level to ensure that the engine will self-regulate in terms of pollution control.

Despite trying to understand why the mayor is imposing this radical regulation, Mr. Boissonneault mentioned, “I understand that a mayor who wants to be greener than green will regulate, but we are clearly off track.” “The more we use a mechanical or electrical part, the more we will damage it, the more we will create premature wear.”

Not all people in Outremont are convinced that the regulation is a good decision. “It’s very exaggerated in my opinion,” mentioned one man, while another said, “It’s a good idea, why not? I mean, we live in a society where we are cluttered with cars, they are everywhere.”

Someone passing by who sees both sides of the coin mentioned the form of freedom that oil gives to society. “What I see is really a form of control, to force people to abandon oil for electric cars. We know that’s pretty much what’s wanted, it’s pushed.”

Most of the people interviewed agreed that governments are doing everything they can to make it harder to own a car, especially in Montreal. Many people see it as a war against cars, while others wish the government went even further with more fines for recurrence.

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