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Video: Mike Johnson Films Promo TikTok for AIPAC After Voting to Ban the App


Last Updated on March 15, 2024

GOP Speaker of the House Mike Johnson filmed a promotional TikTok video for the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) after voting for uni-party legislation to ban the video-sharing app. Members of Congress and various pressure groups like the ADL are calling for the ban, in large part, because TikTok refuses to censor content unflattering to Israel. Opponents of the bill have slammed it as a Trojan horse, and say that it will allow the federal government to ban ANY app or platform that doesn’t enforce their will.

Speaker of the House Mike Johnson says that he will “apply every amount of pressure” possible to the US Senate as the TikTok ban reaches the upper chamber of the national legislature, but in the meantime, he’s flexing the double standards often carved by both sides of the aisle for Israel and the Israel lobby.

“Hi, this is House Speaker Mike Johnson. I’m here at the AIPAC Conference and we want to emphasize, it has never been more important for the US to stand with our friend and ally Israel,” Johnson said in the TikTok video. “This is an important time on the world stage,” he went on.

“We have to project and maintain peace through strength and we’re gonna intend to do that. The House Republicans stand strong with you. God bless.”

Watch the Mike Johnson-AIPAC TikTok Video Below: 

2024’s AIPAC Conference was an exercise in war-mongering and reminders of the vast, bi-partisan influence that Israel has over the United States.

AIPAC Conference attendees were treated to a special video address from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who praised Joe Biden and the US government “for standing with Israel at all times,” while beating the war drums in search of support for the Israeli invasion of Rafah, the city in southern Gaza that’s been packed full of civilian refugees with nowhere else to go, and where Israel has been ramping up attacks that have slaughtered civilians.

“To win this war, we must destroy the remaining Hamas battalions in Rafah,” Netanyahu said. “If not, Hamas will regroup, rearm, and reconquer Gaza and then we’re back to square one. And that’s an intolerable threat that we cannot accept.”

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