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VIDEO: Iranian Parliament Celebrates Missile Attack on Israel – Chanting “Death to Israel!” from Floor of Parliament | The Gateway Pundit

Iranian regime chants “Death to Isreal! Death to America!” following unprecedented airstrike on Israel.

The Iranian Parliament celebrated “Operation Truthful promise” on Sunday following the unprecedented airstrike from Iranian soil on the state of Israel.

Iran fired off an estimated 150 missiles along with 50-100 drones in an attack from Iranian soil on the state of Israel.

Israel announced that 99% of Iran’s missiles were taken down and did not reach their target.

This was the first time the Iranian regime fired on Israel directly – typically Iran uses its affiliates of Hamas, Hezbollah, and the Houthi rebels in Yemen to do their dirty work.

Following the attacks, Iranian lawmakers chanted, “Death to Israel! Death to America!” from the floor of parliament.

Via Memri.

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