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(VIDEO) FBI Director Chris Wray Walks Away From Journalist Asking if He Wants Congress to Reauthorize FISA to Spy on Trump’s Campaign Again | The Gateway Pundit


The months-long battle over FISA Section 702 reform legislation introduced by Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) to end warrantless surveillance of Americans and Biden Regime dissidents and the Intelligence Committee’s bill to reauthorize the controversial spying tool came to an end on Friday when 126 House Republicans joined Democrats to renew the FISA 702 by a vote of 273 to 147.

The final vote on Section 702 of the Foreign Surveillance Act was 273-147, with 126 Republicans in favor of betraying the American people. The legislation now heads to the Democrat-led Senate where it will presumably pass and then be signed into law by Joe Biden.

This legislation permits U.S. agencies to monitor foreign targets abroad but has come under scrutiny for its implications and past misuse in surveilling American citizens. The vote displayed a uniparty alliance, with 147 Democrats and 126 Republicans supporting the bill, while 88 Republicans and 59 Democrats opposed it.

Section 702 was scheduled to expire on April 19.

Shortly before final passage, the House rejected a commonsense amendment from Rep. Andy Biggs, which would require a warrant to spy on Americans. 86 Republicans voted for authoritarianism, with Speaker Mike Johnson casting the decisive vote.

This is despite official intelligence documents showing that the FBI illegally used FISA 278,000 times to spy on Americans, including their political enemies like President Trump, Trump donors, and January 6 families.

As The Gateway Pundit reported, less than 24 hours after the bill passed in the House, Speaker Johnson posted on X about America’s founding principles — after giving the regime power to spy on any American at will! Many see what he did as a betrayal of Americans and disregard for the US Constitution and ‘ratioed’ him with 3500+ comments and only 1400 likes.

Because of Mike Johnson and the RINOs, the FBI has renewed authority to spy on Trump and innocent Americans, as they previously did, leading up to the 2024 election.

Congressman Eli Crane (R-AZ) told The Gateway Pundit in December that he believes the federal government will abuse FISA authority and weaponize it against Trump again “in a heartbeat.”

“I Believe They Would Spy on [Trump] in a Heartbeat” – Rep. Eli Crane Discusses Need for FISA 702 Overhaul Sponsored by Rep. Andy Biggs

“Anytime you try and change stuff up here in Washington, DC, the fearmongers always come out and start threatening people. I think Speaker Johnson fell prey to that,” said Crane after House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) canceled a vote on FISA reform legislation on the House Floor late last year.

Loomer Unleashed correspondent Charles Downs confronted silent FBI Director Chris Wray on the FBI’s election interference last week.

Watch below:

Do you want to reauthorize #FISA so the FBI  can spy on President Trump’s campaign again?

Do you want to spy on the Trump campaign again?

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