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US invasion by 22 million is primarily about vote fodder for the Democratic Party: Carlson –

Questions are being asked about these Asian illegals apprehended at the border. Are Chinese military among them?

GROUPS of illegal immigrants on the US border have been filmed chanting support for Joe Biden (see video right) because “he is the man who let them in”. That is literally the truth of the situation.

When the Texas state government recently put razor wire across vulnerable parts of the border, the Biden administration immediately objected and went to the Supreme Court claiming its jurisdiction had been violated. The court ruled in favour of the federal government and Biden’s Homeland Security department removed the wire, allowing the illegal migrants free access.

But according to News Nation Texas has doubled down and is installing more razor wire to block previously unimpeded crossing points. Thousands of truckers and farmers have also joined a convoy to the border in support of Texas.

As with the illegal immigrant invasion of Europe a few years ago this invasion is facilitated by UN-affiliated non-government organisations (NGOs) based in Panama and other places who provide free phones and border crossing information to illegal migrants from across the world.

According to various US sources, when the migrants get to the border they are handed by Mexican cartel members to US Border Patrol staff, processed again and sent off to various US locations. The Texas government has sent millions of them to so-called sanctuary cities like New York and San Francisco and other Democrat state capitals.

Alex Jones of Infowars describes the invasion as a globalist operation to allow illegals into the US to sign up as future Democrat voters. His view is supported by Tucker Carlson who recently noted that the number of illegals coming into the US had been found by a Yale University study to be more than 22 million, not the 11 million commonly cited. “It’s about putting Democrats in power for ever,” he said in a recent interview.

“Fact two: The Democratic Party is now, as a matter of policy, is calling for the legalisation of all illegals in this country – citizenship, voting rights, 22 million new voters,” Carlson said. “Fact three: the overwhelming majority of first-time immigrant voters vote Democrat.”

Carlson goes on to note that the largest margin in US presidential history was 17 million when Reagan defeated Mondale in 1984. Now, with 22 million immigrants added to the electoral roll that would constitute a permanent electoral majority for the Democratic Party.

“That’s what this is about. It’s not about making the country better, serving our labor needs, helping our population, it’s about putting Democrats in p;ower for ever. That is the truth of our immigration debate,” he said.

Jones says this population boost to cities like New York will boost the number of seats in the House of Representatives and these will be largely Democrat controlled. Democrat affiliated NGOs do much of the internal paper work for these people based on their official status as “asylum seeker”.

While states like New York are feeling the pressure of the invasion and are complaining and sending the illegals on to other locations, Democratic Party leaders have told them to “suck it up”, said Jones.

Meanwhile 25 states have pledged to support Texas in its border battle. Oklahoma is the latest state to send National Guard personnel to Texas. This puts National Guard and civilian volunteers in direct conflict with federal agencies such as the Border Patrol and Homeland Security. Biden has threatened to nationalise the National Guard, which is normally under state jurisdiction.

Fears of terrorist and military infiltration among the illegals have also been heightened with the discovery of an illegal believed to be an Azerbijanian convicted Islamic terrorist Movsum Samadov. Although denied by an intelligence gathering website independent journalists who confronted the man believe he has a striking resemblance to Samadov.

Interestingly the man, who speaks good English, mocked the journalists, saying “If you were smart enough you would know who I am. But you are really not smart enough to know who I am. But soon you’re gonna know who I am.” The last comment sounded like a threat, perhaps confirming he was the feared convicted terrorist and signally he would be involved in some sort of violence.

According to Thomas Homan, the retired director of the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), who served under six presiddents up to Donald Trump, said Joe Biden was the first US president in history that he knew of who had deliberately unsecured the border. All other presidents realised that you can’t have strong national security without a secure border.

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