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UN hosting plastics ban summit in Ottawa (and they actually let us in!)


We’re at the Shaw Convention Centre in Ottawa today, where the United Nations is holding a conference with hundreds of delegates from around the world. They’ve gathered here in our nation’s capital to talk about plastic as a problem.

But plastic, of course, is a solution to many problems. Plastic is a ubiquitous design material used in everything from the glasses on my face to the microphone I’m using and even to my clothes. It’s practically found in every single thing modern society.

It’s inert; it’s safe. That’s why things like our credit cards and medical equipment are made from plastic. It’s a miracle that these United Nations folks who have gathered here in Ottawa want to regulate and ban plastic.

Now, we’re all against plastic being dumped into the river — and that’s a huge problem in places like China and India. Not so much in Canada, even though Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault has announced his plan for a plastics registry that would include your toothbrushes.

What’s interesting to me, is that the two biggest polluters, China and India, refuse to be part of the negotiation for a treaty. It would be, well, rather like our carbon taxes.

Under the carbon tax, clean, efficient countries like Canada are asked to reduce, reuse, recycle. Use less, have colder winters and hotter summers. Drive less and fly less. 

But the real polluters get away with as much pollution as they want. It’s a very masochistic thing to do, punishing ourselves while others pollute unabated.

There are delegates here at the Shaw Convention Centre who come from around the world, from countries where there is a lot of pollution. I’m not sure why they need a United Nations treaty to clean up the mess in their own country — why don’t they just do it?

And what does maple syrup taps have to do with it? Yes, as strange as that sounds, that’s one of the specific items listed in Steven Guilbeault’s proposed plastics registry. It’s a disaster. 

Amazingly, we were given accreditation to be here after being banned by the Canadian government for years. Maybe it’s because I’ve already beaten Steven Guilbeault in court that he didn’t want to ban me a second time.

Stay tuned for more updates throughout the day. Plus, tonight, I’ll have an in-depth look at the event on The Ezra Levant Show. Keep up with all of our coverage here from Ottawa, go to

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