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UN, Crop Life, CSIRO working to wipe out most farmers and feed us food grown in vats –

Larry Marshall, former CSIRO chief.

FARMERS, the headline is the underlying reality of what Australia’s and the world’s green corporate elite are doing, because, as they frequently tell us, traditional agriculture is “bad for the planet” because it produces about 30% of the world’s so-called greenhouse gas emissions.

Cairns News hopes that most of you will have enough information to know that this is not a conspiracy theory, but an actual plan being implemented in Australia and worldwide as we speak. Is it coincidental that in Australia, productive farmland has recently decreased in area by 5%?

The big players in the Australia-NZ arm of this big scheme are the CSIRO and its former chief Larry Marshall, the food standards bureaucracy FSANZ, the factory food company Vow, Australasian venture financiers Blackbird, the Queensland government, biotech company Cauldron and on a global scale the big agri-conglomerate CropLife.

CropLife boasts about its alleged support for Australian farmers, championing herbicide and insecticide use and GM crops against non-farm opposition, but in reality this conglomerate is working with the Agenda 20-30 net-zero anti-farming initiatives. A simple online search for “CropLife sustainability” reveals the reality.

Australian blogger Kate Mason, a member of Community Voice Australia, an action group seeking to make public-private partnerships more transparent, has exposed this diabolical factory food scheme and it’s major players here and across the Tasman. Mason recently wrote that the Australia-New Zealand “food safety” bureaucracy FSANZ approved factory-grown “quail meat”.

“Food Standards Australia New Zealand has determined that Lab Created Quail is safe to enter the Australian and New Zealand food market and they are progressing to change the food code,” Mason writes on her blog. “Lab created quail is being sold as a niche market, but once they’re allowed to go through it opens the doors for the market to be flooded.”

Speaking on Reality Check Radio’s Greenwashed program recently Mason made the following observation around worldwide farmer protests: “You see the signs no farmers, no food, but this isn’t the reality they are planning for our food systems. There is a global, very transparent agenda to transform our food systems into synthetic biology, which is … mostly lab-created food.”

Mason went on to explain the bigger picture which is the UN, corporations and so-called Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) driving government policy. “The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (UNFOA) signed a partnership deal in 2020 with CropLife to transform our food systems. CropLife is Bayer-Monsanto, Syngenta, Corteva – it’s the big corporations that have the bio-tech and also have 75% of the world’s seed stock.”

Greenwashed co-host Don Nicholson, a former head of the New Zealand Farmer’s Federation, wondered why these companies would want to get out of the current business they were in. “It’s been pretty successful, it’s where they’ve made their bread and butter and their innovations for a century or more.”

Mason said it was difficult to find detailed information on what these companies were doing in the food technology realm, but she knew, for instance, that Australian governments, and most notably Queensland, were going into partnerships with companies using the “precision fermentation” process.

“It uses microbes but it tweaks the DNA of the micro-organisms to produce a specific molecule that they wouldn’t naturally make. So you can make animal proteins and enzymes and fats from this microbe that s been genetically manipulated,” said Mason.

“So that’s just done in big vats, hugely energy intensive, but the government in Queensland has signed a partnership with a corporation called Cauldron and the CSIRO with their venture capital arm Main Sequence, and is also funding them out in Orange, NSW… so precision fermentation globally was valued at $USD1.93 billion in 2022 and is poised to reach approximately USD$63 billion by 2032.”

Mason went on to explain that the CSIRO had a synthetic biology road map where they talk about precision fermentation in which you basically alter the microbe’s DNA so it can create the specific protein or molecule. She said products created by the process were not considered genetically modified organisms (GMO).

“And they now say food can be produced without living things, the soil and conventional farming practices,” Mason noted. “So there will still be some crops that are still growing but it won’t be the main amounts of food that we have now.”

Asked by Nicholson how such a grandiose scheme would be achieved, Mason said it would be by government regulation and cost squeezes. “It’s getting harder and harder (to farm), so the abbatoirs are closing down and they only take the big guys and they won’t actually take in the small, 25-acre farmer and the costs are getting more and more prohibitive, so if you’re on a small scale you’ll be needing more and more licences … so it’s actually getting harder to keep on the land.”

On renewables she noted that wind farms destroyed the capacity of neighbours to enjoy their property and in 2021 or 2022 there was a 5% fall in agricultural land in one year. As well the big corporate players like Rupert Murdoch’s son in law Alasdair MacLeod, a so-called “soil carbon entrepreneur” were buying up properties, echoing what Bill Gates and others were doing in the US.

Mason said one of her main concerns was how Vow Foods, the producer of the “quail” lab meat, had kept some 30 documents on its processes, tests and results protected from public scrutiny under so-called “commercial confidentiality”. “So the public is expected to eat this without knowing anything about the processes.”

She said Vow Foods had also “dumbed down” is background information on the food by claiming they had done literature searches on quail “and there were no issues”. What they didn’t do searches on was cell quail – a classic bait and switch tactic. The venture capital company behind Vow was Blackbird as well as a Saudi Arabian oil company.

Blackbird was launched by Larry R. Marshall, former CEO of the CSIRO, who moved the organisation away from climate modelling “climate change mitigation”. “So climate change mitigation is things such as this sort of food. They say we need these sorts of foods because of climate,” said Mason, noting that “Feed the World” was Sustainable Development Goal No. 2 paired with Climate Action SDG No. 13.

She added that the CSIRO’s own venture capital firm Main Sequence was linked to Blackbird by the latter’s other main partner.
To be continued

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